Australian Real Estate Investment Trusts

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The government of Australia began allowing real estate investment trusts in that country in 1971. The first one listed on the Australian Securities Exchange (ASX) was Property Trust (LPT).

Up until March 2008, publicly listed REITs in Australia were known as Listed Property Trusts (LPTs). This terminology distinguished them from privately held REITs, known as Unlisted Property Trusts.

Real Estate Investment Trusts are Big in Australia

In that month, they were retermed Australian Real Estate Investment Trusts (A-REITs). There're now more than 70 A-REITs listed on the exchange, making Australia the country with the second largest number of REITs, behind the United States but ahead of Canada. They account for fully 12% of the world's listed real estate.

A-REITs can also be listed on The Bendigo Stock Exchange, the Newcastle Stock Exchange, and the Australia Pacific Exchange.

Australian REITs are allowed to hold property in or outside of Australia. The most popular countries for them, outside Australia itself, are the United States, New Zealand and The United Kingdom.

They are measured by what is term their Net Tangible Assets (NTA), which is the balance sheet total of their properties.

Most A-REITs contract management duties to outside third parties.

A-REITs can choose to adopt one of two structures. Stand-alone trusts provide investors pure exposure to the underlying real estate portfolio. Stapled securities provide investors exposure to a funds management and/or property development company besides the a real estate portfolio.

There're Five Basic Kinds of Australian REITs:



Hotel / Leisure


Diversified - investment in a mixture of Industrial, Office, Hotel and Retail

An Australia REIT is Shortened to A-REIT or AREIT

A-REITs are big in Australia, and there are many of them to satisfy REIT income investors around the world.

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