Challenger Kenedix Japan Trust

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Challenger Kenedix Japan Trust (ASX: CKT) is a real estate investment trust with retail properties in Japan.

They have a top Japanese management firm, Kenedix, Inc managing the properties. They own 20 retail properties in major metropolitan areas of Japan.

Challenger Kenedix Japan's Portfolio:

Carino Chitosedai, Carino Tokiwadai, Izumiya Hakubaicho, Unicus Ina, Valor Toda, Life Higashinakano, Life Asakusa, Osada Nagasaki, Yaoko Sakada Chiyoda, Sunny Noma, Kansai Super Saigo, Kojima Nishiarai, DeoDeo Kure, Seiyu Miyagino, Valor Takinomizu, Valor Ichinomiya, Aeon Kushiro, Renaissance Fujimidai, Life Nagata, and Life Kema.

Therefore, Challenger Kenedix Japan Trust is positioned to profit from the shopping needs of Japanese.

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