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ING Real Estate Community Living (ASX: ILF) is a stapled A-REIT that specializes in age-related housing -- for students and for seniors.

It owns over 103 such properties in Australia, New Zealand, Canada and the United States.

ING Real Estate Community Living Property Portfolio:

Country Club Villages, Garden Villages, Lakeside 2 Ravenswood, Meadow Springs, Mount Waren Park, Freehold 7.9 Ridgewood Rise 2 Ridgewood, Garden Villages Cessnock Gardens, Claremont Gardens, Devonport Gardens, Wheelers Gardens, El phinwood Gardens, Glenorchy Gardens, Chatsbury Gardens, Grovedale Gardens, Horsham Gardens, Ipswich Gardens, Kingston Gardens. Lovely Banks Gardens, Sea Scape Gardens, Marsden Gardens, Coburns Gardens, Brooklyn Gardens, Oxley Gardens, Salisbury Downs, Townsend Gardens, St Albans Park Gardens, Swan View Gardens, Taree Gardens, Toowoomba Gardens, Glenvale Gardens, Wangaratta, Wynnum, Forest Lake Gardens, South Gladstone Gardens, Rockhampton Gardens, Brant Centre, The Waterford, The Wenleigh Mississauga, The Westbury Toronto, The Westmount Kitchener, The Wilowgrove Ancaster, The Woodhaven, The Wynfield, Amber Park Cincinati, Bella Vita, Gayton Terrace, Village at Lowry Denver, Waterford, Wilowwood, Woodside Village Bedford, Wyndham Lakes, Bristal East Meadow, Lynbrook, Massapequa, North Hills, Lake Worth Gardens, Pocaset Bay Manor, The Park at Trowbridge, 45 OAKWOOD AVENUE, ASHFORD Hills Apartments, Cedar Creek Apartments, CLUBHOUSE APARTMENTS, HUNTING LODGE APARTMENTS, Kelly Gardens Apartments, KNOLLWOOD APARTMENTS, MAPLEWOOD APARTMENTS, MILLBROOK APARTMENTS, OAKRIDGE APARTMENTS, OAKWOOD APARTMENTS, ORCHARD ACRE APARTMENTS, PERRY HILL ESTATES, RENWOOD APARTMENTS, Ridgeview Heights, Springwood Apartments, WILLINGTON OAKS APARTMENTS, Cumberland House, Education House, and McKENZIE APARTMENTS.

Therefore, ING Real Estate Community Living is a real estate investment trust positioned to benefit especially from the aging of the baby boomers.

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