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In 1979 Mergent, Inc (then a division of Moody's Investors Services) began compiling lists of stocks that have been paying and increasing their annual dividends for at least ten years in a row. These are now called the Dividend Achievers, and in 2004 Mergent created its index of Broad Dividend Achievers.

They published the first Handbook of Dividend Achievers in January, 1983. The number of Dividend Achiever companies peaked in 1987 at 437. The list now contains 312 companies, just under 10% of the North American-based companies that pay dividends. Just about 3% of all companies.

48% of the companies in the Mergent index have increased stock dividend payments every year for 20 years or more. A few of the companies have increased their dividends for over 50 years in a row!

Dividend investing is easier thanks to the high dividend achievers indexes.

Mergent has Diversified their Dividend Achievers Indexes:

One good thing about these indexes is that most of them are tracked by one or more exchange traded funds, or closed end mutual funds, or special notes. This makes it easy for income investors to diversify their holdings yet achieve the full benefit of investing in companies that pay higher and higher annual dividends year by year.

So each page on each index also explains how you can invest in that particular index to get the benefit of it. For those of you who can't buy stock in all the hundreds of companies in these indexes.

Therefore, Mergent Dividend Achievers funds and indexes and the Exchange Traded Funds based on them are a great way to invest for income without risking money on individual stocks and having mutual funds gobble up your money with expenses and realized capital gains.

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