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The Mergent NASDAQ Dividend Achievers™ Index consists of the companies in the Mergent Broad Dividend Achievers™ Index that are listed and trade on the NASDAQ stock exchange. The Mergent NASDAQ Dividend Achievers™ Index price appreciation ticker symbol is DIVQ. The total return ticker symbol is DVQT. Both are published by NASDAQ.

All companies included in Mergent dividend achievers indexes have raised the stock dividends paid to stock owners every year for at least 10 years.

Personally, I fail to see any use for picking out companies just because they're listed on the NASDAQ. Does that increase dividend yield somehow? Or reduce risk? No. They're just companies who just happen to be listed on NADSAQ. This useless probably accounts for why there is no exchange traded fund for this index. Stock buyers who care about NASDAQ stocks are attracted to the idea of making big capital gains from super winners, especially in the technology areas. They don't know or care about dividends and Mergent's Dividend Achievers.

NASDAQ Dividend Achievers Top Holdings:

Therefore, if you're interested particularly in NASDAQ stocks, you should check out the Mergent NASDAQ Dividend Achievers Index.

You can diversify your U.S. stocks with dividend paying companies in Canada -- check out the Mergent Canadian Dividend Achievers Index.

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