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Dividend paying stocks are perhaps the most obvious and, probably, the best overall income growth investments.

In my opinion, dividend stocks are what most income oriented investors should focus on.

Bonds are nice. Bonds provide a higher current income. Bonds make us feel good in the short term.

But what makes us feel good in the short term is often not the best thing for us in the long run.

In the Long Run, Inflation Destroys the Purchasing Power of Bond Income

Notice I said the income from bonds -- not the capital used to buy the bonds.

I don't think you should be concerned about the purchasing power of the money you invest. You should be concerned with the purchasing power of the income that money generates.

That may not sound like an important difference, but it's an essential point.

Because You Should NEVER Spend the Money You've Invested

You should live on the income it generates.

But if you allow inflation to erode the purchasing power of the income generated by your portfolio, then you must either cut back on your standard of living or disobey Rule 1 and sell some of your assets to raise money to support your life style.

If you're 98 and feel you are never going to go on another Hawaiian cruise with your family again, who am I to tell you not to spend your own money?

I hope I can help those of us who are not yet close to the end of life to manage our money now so that we will always have enough money to enjoy our retirement years. Stock dividends can do that because they can keep up with or even surpass inflation.

They're certainly the easiest to understand. Also the easiest to invest in.

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