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In recent years one of the big changes in the financial/investment world has been the discovery of a type of investment that's available only in Canada -- Canadian income trusts, or Canadian royalty trusts (CanRoys).

Canadian Income Trusts Were Great While They Lasted

Thanks to a unique business structure allowed by Canadian law, some businesses are able to operate without paying any taxes . . . as long as they pay out most all of their profits to their owners.

Most corporations pay out less than 50% of their post-tax cash profits, and many don't pay any dividends.

So for investors, the opportunity to receive a business's profits before taxes (because none need to be paid), is the chance to receive a lot of income

Canadian trust units trade on stock exchanges just like shares of stock and exchange traded funds (etfs). In recent years their prices have gone up and down, but it's been possible to obtain yields of 7 to 20%.

In 2006, Standard & Poor's decided to include Canada income trusts in the benchmark Toronto Stock Exchange Index (S&P/TSX Composite Index). Once they're added to this index, all major financial institutions in Canada (and many outside that country) such as index funds that track that index, will be buying the trusts included in the index.

There're about 250 Canadian energy income trusts and REITs listed on the TSX Toronto Stock Exchange

With certificates of deposits and Treasury bonds paying 5% or less in recent years, the yields offered by Canadian resources income trusts are quite tempting.

As an income investor who wants to obtain the greatest return on your investment dollar (or euro, yen etc), you want to know:

What is a Canadian income trust

What are the differences between income trusts and corporations

What are the kinds of Canadian income trusts

Why invest in a Canadian income trust

What are the risks of Canadian income trust funds

How are Canadian royalty trusts rated on stability of distributions

What is the Standard and Poor's Canadian trust rating system

What is the DBRS Canadian trust fund rating system

Oldest Canadian royalty trust -- Enerplus Resources Fund

Another prominent energy royaly trust -- PrimeWest Energy Trust

A and W Revenue Royalties Income Fund

Acclaim Energy Trust

ACS Media Income Fund

Advanced Fiber Technologies (AFT) Income Fund

Advantage Energy Income Fund

Ag Growth Income Fund

Algonquin Power Income Fund

AltaGas Income Trust

Athabasca Oil Sands Trust AOS.UN

Amtelecom Income Fund

APF Energy Trust

Apollo Gas Income Fund APO.UN

ARC Energy Trust

Artic Glacier Income Fund

Armtec Infrastructure Income Fund

Art in Motion Income Fund

Associated Brands Income Fund

Atlas Cold Storage Income Trust

ATS Andlauer Income Fund ATS.UN

Avenir Diversified Income Trust

Badger Income Fund

Bell Aliant Regional Communications In. BA.UN

Bell Nordiq Income Fund BNQ.UN

Bissett Income Fund

Baytex Energy Trust

Bell Nordiq Income Fund

Bonnett's Energy Services Trust BT.UN

BFI Canada Income Fund

Big Rock Brewery Income Trust

Bird Construction Income Fund BDT.UN

Bonavista Energy Trust

Bonterra Energy Income Trust

Boralex Power Income Fund

Boston Pizza Royalties Income Fund

Boyd Group Income Fund

Builders Energy Services Trust BET.UN

Calpine Natural Gas Trust

Calpine Power Income Fund

Canada Cartage Diversified Income Fund TRK.UN

Canadian Oil Sands Trust Units

Canadian Resources Income Trust RTU.UN

Canadian Resources Income Trust II RTR.UN

Canfor Pulp Income Fund CFX.UN

Canwest Mediaworks Income Fund CWM.UN

Cathedral Energy Services Income Trust

CCS Income Trust

Central Gold-Trust

Chemtrade Logistics Income Fund

CI Financial Income Fund CIX.UN

Cineplex Galaxy Income Fund

Clean Power Income Fund

Clearwater Seafoods Income Fund

CML Healthcare Income Fund

Colabor Income Fund CLB.UN

Connors Bros. Income Fund

Contrans Income Fund

Countryside Power Income Fund

Crescent Point Energy Trust

Custom Direct Income Fund

Data Group Income fund DGI.UN

Davis and Henderson Income Fund

Daylight Energy Trust DAY.UN

DirectCash Income Fund DCI.UN

Diversified Utility Trust DUT.UN

Drayton Valley Power Income Fund

Duke Energy Income Fund DET.UN

Dynamic Diversified Income Trust

E.D. Smith Income Fund JAM.UN

Elliott and Page Monthly High Income

Enbridge Income Fund

Energy Savings Income Fund

EnerMark Income Fund Trust Units EIF.UN

EnerVest Diversified Income Trust EIT.UN

Enterra Energy Trust

Esprit Energy Trust EEE.UN

Eveready Income Fund EIS.UN

Exchange Industrial Income Fund

Fairborne Energy Trust FEL.UN

First Premium Oil and Gas Income Trust FPG.UN

Focus Energy Trust

Fording Canadian Coal Trust

Foremost Industries Income Fund

Fort Chicago Energy Partners L.P.

FP Newspapers Income Fund

Freehold Royalty Trust

Futuremed Healthcare Income Fund FMD.UN

Gamehost Income Fund

Gateway Casinos Income Fund

Gaz Metro Limited Partnership

General Donlee Income Fund

GGOF Guardian Monthly High Income Fund

Gienow Windows and Doors Income Fund GIF.UN

GMP Capital Trust GMP.UN

Golf Town Income Fund GLF.UN

Granby Industries Income Fund GBY.UN

Great Lakes Carbon Income Fund

Great Lakes Hydro Income Trust Fund

Haltern Income Fund

Hardwoods Distribution Income Fund

Harvest Energy Trust

Heating Oil Partners Income Fund

High Arctic Energy Services Trust HWO.UN

Hot House Growers Income Fund

IAT Air Cargo Facilities Income Fund

IBI Income Fund

Innergex Power Income Fund

Inter Pipeline Fund

Jazz Air Income Fund JAZ.UN

K-BRO Linen Income Fund KBL.UN

KCP Income Fund

Ketch Resources Trust KER.UN

Keyera Facilities Income Fund KEY.UN

KeySpan Facilities Income Fund

KMS Power Income Fund KMS.UN

Koch Pipelines Canada, L.P. KPC.UN

Labrador Iron Ore Royalty Income Fund

Lakeport Brewing Income Fund TFR.UN

Liquor Stores Income Fund LIQ.UN

Livingston International Income Fund

Luscar Coal Income Fund LUS.UN

Macquarie Power Income Fund

Maximum Energy Trust MXT.UN

Medical Facilities Corp.

Medisys Health Group Income Fund MHG.UN

Merrill Lynch Cdn Income Trust Fund

Menu Foods Income Fund

Morneau Sobeco Income Fund MSI.UN

Movie Distribution Income Fund

Mullen Group Income Fund MTL.UN

NAL Oil and Gas Trust

NAV Energy Trust

NCE Energy Trust NCA.UN

NCE Petrofund Trust Units NCF.UN

Newalta Income Fund

Newport Partners Income Funds NPF.UN

Noranda Income Fund

North West Company Fund Trust Units

Northland Power Income Trust

Oceanex Income Fund

Osprey Media Income Fund

Paramount Energy Trust

Parkland Income Fund

PBB Glogal Logistics Income Fund

PDM Royalties Income Fund

Peak Energy Services Trust

Pembina Pipeline Income Fund

Pengrowth Energy Trust Units

Penn West Energy Trust PWT.UN

Petrofund Energy Trust

Peyto Energy Trust

Phoenix Technology Income Fund

Pizza Pizza Royalty Income Fund PZA.UN

Precision Drilling Trust (US:PDS) PD.UN

Premium Brands Income Fund PBI.UN

Prime Restaurants Royalty Income Fund

Piszm Canadian Income Fund

Progress Energy Trust

Provident Energy Trust

PRT Forest Regeneration Income Fund

Rainmaker Income Fund

Richards Packaging Income Fund

Rogers Sugar Income Fund

ROW Entertainment Income Fund

Royal Utilities Income Fund RU.UN

Royal LePage Franchise Services Fund

Russel Metals RUS

Saxon High Income Fund

SCI IncomeTrust

Second Cup Royalty Income SCU.UN

Sentry Diversified Income Trust (formerly NCE Diversified Income Trust) SDT.UN

SFK Pulp Fund

Shiningbank Energy Income Fund

Signature High Income Fund

SIR Royalty Income Fund

Sleep Country Canada Income Fund

Specialty Foods Group Income Fund

StarPoint Energy Trust SPN.UN

Sterling Leaf Income Trust

Sterling Shoes Income Fund SSI.UN

Stoneham Drilling Trust SDG.UN

Strongco Income Fund SQP.UN

Student Transportation of America STB.UN

Sun Gro Horticulture Income Fund

Superior Plus Income Fund

Superior Propane Income Fund SPF.UN

Swiss Water Decaffeinated Coffee Income Fund

Taylor NGL Limited Partnership

TerraVest Income Fund

The Brick Group Income Fund

The Consumers Waterheater Income Fund

The Key Royalties Income Fund

Thunder Energy Trust THY.UN

TimberWest Timber Trust Stapled Units

TKE Energy Trust TKE.UN

Total Energy Services Trust TOT.UN

Trilogy Energy Trust TET.UN

TransAlta Power L.P.

TransCanada Power L.P.

TransForce Income Fund

Tree Island Wire Income Fund

Trimac Income Fund TMA.UN

Trinidad Energy Services Income Trust

UE Waterheater Income Fund

Vault Energy Trust VNG.UN

Vermilion Energy Trust

Versacold Income Trust

Vicwest Income Fund VIC.UN

Viking Energy Royalty Trust Units

Volume Services America Holdings, Inc.


Wajax Income Fund WJX.UN

Wellco Energy Services Trust

Western Facilities Fund Trust WFF.UN

Westshore Terminals Income Fund

XS Cargo Income Fund

Yellow Pages Income Fund

Zargon Energy Trust


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