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Enerplus set up as a Canadian trust about 20 years ago. It was the first company awarded the income trust structure by a tax ruling, back in December 1985. It was then worth only about $9 million. Now its market cap is over $6 billion.

Enerplus Resources Trust is One of the Largest Oil and Gas Income Funds

Enerplus Resources invests in "mature crude oil and natural gas producing properties." Most of its properties are in Western Canada and have a long projected life.

Because of its large size, Enerplus Resources Fund is well diversified and has a high stability of distributions.

Enerplus stock symbol on the TSX (Toronto Stock Exchange) is ERF.UN. On the NYSE (New York Stock Exchange) it's ERF. Its yield as I write is 10%, but of course it will be more or less when you read this.

Enerplus Trust can Help You Receive More Income

So you can afford to pay for the higher price of filling up your car's gas tank and heating your home in the winter.

Although not well known to the general public, Canada contains huge amounts of oil in the form of oil sands or tar sands. Because this is much more difficult to extract than just pumping oil from the ground as in normal oil wells, it's never before been economical to go after oil in the tar sands. But the recent increases in world oil prices has changed that.

Enerplus Resources Fund Trust has 443 million barrels of contingent oil sands resources plus 57 million barrels of "booked proved plus probable oil sands reserves." It has interest in the Josyln Lease, the Kirby SAGD Project and Laricina Energy Ltd.

Enerplus Resources Fund also owns about 70% of the "Sleeping Giant" Bakken oil field in Richland County, Montana.

About 22% of their resources consists of shallow gas and coalbed methane. Another 20% comes from crude oil waterbeds.

About 51% of Enerplus Resources Fund production comes from conventional oil and natural gas properties in Western Canada, including Bantry North in southern Alberta and in southeast Saskatchewan, the Deep Basin and Foothills areas of western Alberta and northeast British Columbia.

Another good Canadian income fund: Primewest Energy Trust

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