"Investing for Income Growth Over Time is Best"

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I won't make any secret about this - I much prefer investing for income growth to fixed income investing. There are however great options for fixed income investing. You can check out certificate of deposit national rates as an example of this.

Something deep inside me remembers the horrendous 9 months I spent as a telemarketer back in the 80s. In those pre-computer days, we used pages torn from the Haines Criss Cross Street Directory, and the best way to ruin your night was to run into a large apartment building of senior citizens.

So many quivering voices telling me, "I'm on a fixed income."

I hated that phrase. After all, my income was hardly infinite at the time, or I wouldn't have been calling them as my second job.

Of course, you can say I am being mean. I did have the option of working a second job whereas they'd retired from their first. Mmm, yes, but on a second telemarketing job I had years later, one of the most successful telemarketers was a senior citizen who was retired from his job in marketing for Anheuser-Busch.

"Fixed Income" is a Scary Idea

Personally, I hate that phrase.

And it so it is in investing terms, also.

Because fixed income investments do not and cannot keep up with inflation in the long run.

Yet, assuming you continue to live, you will need an ever-growing income just to stay even with many of your expenses.

Therefore, although many people think senior citizens should receive fixed income because most such investments do pay out more money in the future and are not as risky, my opinion is that even senior citizens should have as many growth income investments in their portfolios as is possible.

If you're saving now for retirement, load up on the growth income investments.

Growing Your Investment Income:

1. The risks of growth income investments

2. Dividend paying stocks

3. Real Estate Investment Trusts or REITs

4. TIPS - Treasury Inflation Protected Securities

5. Canadian Income Royalty Trusts

6. Selling Covered Calls

7. Variable Annuities

8. Master Limited Partnerships

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