"The Risks to Investors of Bonds"

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All investing involves maneuvering around the twin concepts and risk and reward.

In theory, the more risk, the more reward.

And: the more reward, the more risk.

Bond Risks -- Some Reward Investors More

And there're different risks associated with different investments, depending on their nature.

Bonds face the same risks as all other fixed income investments. I won't repeat the entire list.

Types of Risks of Bonds:

1. Call Risk

The main risk of owning bonds are:

1. Inflation/Loss of purchasing power generation

2. Interest rate risk

If you own bonds, you must face these.

A High Yield, Junk Bond Risk:

1. Credit risk -- diversification and sticking to highly rated lenders should keep this risk very small.

Another risk also applies -- one that most people have never heard of outside economics class:

1. Opportunity risk

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