"Bonds the the Premier Fixed Income Investment"

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The king of fixed income investments is undoubtedly bonds. The total bond market is $15 trillion -- far larger than the stock market.

Bond Investing -- Four Essential Aspects:

1. Who issued the bonds

2. How much is the face value of the bond

3. What is the time period of the bond

4. What is the coupon, or interest rate?

These seem simple enough, but get quite complicated in real life.

Bonds have both advantages and risks, and you need to thoroughly understand both, to determine what place bonds should have in your own personal portfolio.

There're Many Kinds of Bonds:

Treasury bonds

Municipal bonds

Corporate bonds

Foreign bonds

Convertible bonds

Government agency bonds

Short term bonds

Intermediate term bonds

Long term bonds

Ultra-short term bonds

I Bonds

Junk bonds

Loan participation or senior income bonds






Zero coupon bonds

All of these are different, all have their own individual advantages and disadvantages.

It's not important to be familiar with and every single kind of "exotic" bonds. However, you should know the basic kinds and how they can work for you.

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