Thank you for your interest in the Income Investing Secrets affiliate program

The affiliate program for Income Investing Secrets is run by Clickbank, which allows people to buy, sell and promote over 25,000 digital ebooks and software programs. Neither you nor I have to go through the hassle and expense of getting a merchant account. I did that once. Believe me, I'm extremely grateful for Clickbank now allowing me to accept credit cards, debit cards, Pay Pal and online echecks from customers. They keep track of what you've earned, pay twice a month, and since they started the company in 1998, they've never missed a check.

To show you how much I appreciate my affiliates, I pay 75%. The gross sales price is $47. Clickbank will take about $1 off the top as a straight fee, plus 7.5% of the gross sales price (which is how they stay in business), leaving us a total of $42.47. Since you get 75%, that's $31.86 per sale.

First things first. Make sure that you have your affiliate link correct. You need to be registered with Clickbank. It's free and easy. Just go to Clickbank and click on the "Become an Affiliate" graphic. They need your basic information of course. And you must register a "nickname" that is unique to you. That's how Clickbank knows it was you who made the sale.

Once you have a Clickbank nickname, you just plug it into the standard Clickbank "hoplink."

Plug your Clickbank nickname into "yournicknamegoeshere" and you're good to go.

Since I do regard you as my sales partner, I've done everything I know how to help you succeed. You can use all the tools I've put in the following pages. Plus, I wrote an affiliate guide book that will give you lots more information and resources.

NOTE: This book is free. You have the right to give it away to everyone you want -- I encourage that! However, you may not charge for it, even though it has more affiliate how-to info than some generic manuals you can pay money for. Also, you may not change anything in it, especially any of the links. You may use the information to increase your checks from any and all affiliate programs, but I'd appreciate it if you'd remember who gave it to you, and promote Income Investing Secrets first of all. :)

Grab hold of any and all of the affiliate tools I'm providing to help you sell more copies of Income Investing Secrets:

Banners and graphics

Autoresponder series and emails

Pay per click, ezine and classified site ads, text links and discussion forum signatures



If I can do anything else to help you make a fortune with Income Investing Secrets, email me at and let me know.

Now -- go out and make a million dollars from selling Income Investing Secrets!

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