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You have my permission to use these Income Investing Secrets graphics and banners that I own (because I paid for them!).

However, I don't own the rights to the various stock photos I use on this site and in the videos. Therefore, I can't give you the right to use them, because I don't have that legal right. I can use them only because I paid for that right from istockphoto. If you like them, I suggest you go to and pay for the right to use them or any of the other good pictures you can find there. There are also other stock photo sites.

1. Income Investing Secrets cover -- big (210 X 300)

income investing secrets

2. Income Investing Secrets cover -- medium (175 X 250)

income investing

3. Income investing Secrets cover -- small (140 X 200)

income investing reits

4. Income Investing Secrets header (700 X 123)

income from reits

5. 7 Reasons to Invest for Income cover (254 X 372)

income dividends

6. Standard Banner (728 X 90)

investing secrets

7. Small Wide Banner (468 X 60)

master limited partnership income investing secrets

8. Medium Horizontal Banner (120 X 240")

interest income investing secrets

9. Small Rectangle (120 X 90)

income investing utilities

10. Very Small Rectangle (88 X 31)

income investing in utilities

11. Small Banner (234 X 60)

income from utility companies

12. Square (125 X 125)

Canadian royalty trust income investing secrets

13. Skyscraper Banner (160 X 600)

income investing in Canadian trusts

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