The 7 Reasons Autoresponder Series and Other Emails

You will have to take out your own autoresponder account with a company such as Email Aces (the one I use), AWeber (favored by many marketers) or Get Response (another popular one).

Make sure you change all the links to your affiliate link (but don't change anything else).

7 Reasons to Invest for Income -- NOW More Than Ever - all 8 emails in 1 text file

Here are one time emails you can send to targeted lists (only if you have their permission, of course.) Do NOT spam!

Email to send to investors

Email to send to seniors

Email to send to baby boomers

Email to send to people concerned about their personal finances

Email to send to people who want to get rich

Email to send to Internet marketers -- (I know, they're not really a target market for Income Investing Secrets, but many people have lists of Internet marketers. And besides, they're money-oriented people. Many Internet marketers I know are interested in investing also

If I can do anything else to help you make a fortune with Income Investing Secrets, email me at and let me know.

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