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I've been an independent thinker all my life. I want to get the facts, then use logic and reason to figure out what's best.

When it comes to investing, I have no formal qualifications whatsoever. I'm not a broker, analyst or anything of the sort. I do have a BS degree in Accounting, so I do understand Income Statements and Balance Sheets better than most investors.

But I've never worked in the field -- and I regard that as a positive. If I did, I'd no doubt be so used to worshipping at the feet of capital gains and price increases that I wouldn't be able to think in terms of investing for income any more than anybody else seems to.

And people currently in the investment field are not simply emotionally tied to the idea of investing just for capital gains/price increases -- their livelihoods and lavish incomes depend upon being successful in that way. Mutual fund/portfolio managers and brokers are all judged by how much the market price of their investments go up. Although that investment styles that can beat the market require at least a 3-5 year timeline -- these professionals are judged on a quarterly basis.

They are managing money for people (from bosses to investors) who have all been brainwashed into looking for quick capital gains.

I've read widely in the field. I have experience with losing my own money. When I have money to invest I'll be investing according to my own system. (Right now I have some obligations to pay off.)

I've spent nearly 30 years as a claims representative for major government agency I won't name because they're hyper-sensitive and don't want you to think that they endorse anything I do in my free time.

So, I'm basically a stable person who's not caught up in the current system and therefore feels like the little kid at the parade asking why the Emperor has no clothes.

Only, I look at the advice from Warren Buffett, James Glassman and others to hold stocks "forever" and ask, "How can I have my cake and eat it too?"

That is, how can I benefit from a price increase in my stock without cashing it, paying the government's capital gains tax, losing out on future price inceases and still needing to have something useful to do with the money?

Yes, I know you can use stock as collateral for loans, but that's got numerous problems too. You must still have another source of income with which to repay the loan, or you still lose the stock. If the stock's market price goes down a lot you must either pay more money than you planned or still lose the stock . . . and so on.

I want my investments to belong to me, not me and the bank.

Yet I still want to benefit from them -- without selling them.

Professionals will agree that I need to invest for income. And since I need to do that -- why even care about market price fluctuations. Why not invest for the ultimate goal?

Getting the most income possible from your investments.

But you can't do that when you're looking for the next big story or "ten-bagger."

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