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"Everything You Know About Investing is Wrong"

You're Under the Spell of One of the Biggest Investing Hallucinations Since the Dutch Tulip Craze of 1593

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Don't envy my great retirement -- Join the fun!

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This site is dedicated to teaching you the truth -- how to get the most from your investments, have a more than comfortable retirement and still pass on a fortune to your lucky heirs.

The hallucination is officially called "capital gains" or "price appreciation" or "momentum investing" -- and it's cost more investors more money over the last 100 years or so than anything else I can think of.

It's not your fault.

Just about all financial advisors, writers and experts are under the same hallucination.

I'd say that they believe their own lies, only to be fair most of them are not intentionally misleading you. Yes, they're misleading you, but not intentionally. They're victims of the same propaganda they're passing on to you.

Investing for Income is the Cure for What Ails Your Portfolio

This site is dedicated to teaching you where to put your retirement savings so your portfolio will provide you with the investing income you need.

I'm a recent convert to investing for income, so forgive me for this fervor. I've just recently "seen the light."

You see, my mother is in her eighties. She must live on the income from her investments. She's actually done pretty well, but recently her broker passed away and so she asked me to take a look at her portfolio because she'd been unhappy with some aspects of it, but hadn't wanted to bother her broker while he was dying from cancer.

That started me to thinking about what a woman her age, with a Social Security check that barely covers her electric bill, should want out of her investments.

In Retirement You Want Income - as High as Possible - Without Selling Off Assets Such as Stocks and Bonds

Obviously, as high an income that's achievable with reasonable security.

So I started my research and to my surprise, learned that what my mother needs from her portfolio -- income with safety -- is also what I should want from my portfolio, although I'm not retired yet.

And it's what you should also want from your passive investment income portfolio, no matter what your age -- income with safety.

I've read about investments for years, but I soon discovered that much of what I thought I knew, wasn't true.

"Everything you know is wrong," as the 60s comedy group, The Firesign Theater, used to say.

If there's another site like this, it's buried in Google. I'm going to do my best to cover all income investments, including fixed income investments, and many you may not have heard of yet or did not think of as a form of income investing.

Yet Wall Street Ignores or Discounts Income Investing

You may not always agree with me, but you'll have plenty of new facts and ideas to think about on income investments

I have read far and widely regarding financial investing. I'm not a financial advisor, but I'm well-educated in the field.

And I'm not afraid to think my own thoughts -- or to build upon the thoughts and discoveries of others. And when I do, I'll give fair credit.

Some of my discoveries will surprise you.

Some of my opinions will shock you.

First we'll cover the goals of income investing.

Then some basic income investing terminology.

And then I'll go into:

1. Fixed Income Investments -- this is what people usually mean when they refer to income investments. These can be important, but fortunately there's also . . .

2. Growth Income Investments -- Do you want to live on a fixed income for the rest of your (hopefully) many years. Or would you rather see your income grow as you age?

I'll also address income investing from the standpoint of other well-known investing theories, techniques and concepts.

Therefore, income investing is an idea whose time has come -- back. You can't count on capital gains to give you a great retirement. Load up on stocks and bonds that pay you to own them. Hoping for market price increases is a poor way to spend your retirement. Let this site lead you into a financially secure future.


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