"The Greatest Risk to Income Investors"

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Throughout this site, I always advise you of the risks inherent in each investment type.

But here I want to address the very greatest risk to income -- actually, all -- investor psychology.

It's got nothing to do with inflation or interest rates or companies failing.

It's officially called "investor risk," and an entire branch of psychology studies it -- behavioral finance

Behavioral Finance Studies Investor Risk -- You're Your Own Worst Enemy

The greatest risk you face is investor psychology, or trading psychology -- what's inside your own head and heart -- your own inability to resist your feelings of fear and greed.

Wall Street professionals know well that these two emotions rule the markets -- yet most traders fall prey to these aspects of investor psychology.

Greed is what made people buy dot com stocks when they were already the most overvalued group of stocks in history.

Fear is what makes people sell good stocks when their prices are low during a recession.

The only cure I know of for these two investor emotions is information and accurate thinking.

That's what I hope I'm providing on this web site.

But I can't do your thinking for you

Too Many Investors Sabotage Their Own Success

I can only explain investment psychology and how it can cost you lots of money.

I can't be there when you open the latest issue of a financial magazine and get caught up in the hype and buy the latest high tech company with a glitzy big growth story that won't pay dividends for at least 10 years, if ever.

I can't be there when you open your brokerage statement and learn that the high dividend yield stock you bought last month has since dropped in price $5 and so you tell your broker to sell -- before the ex-dividend date, so you don't even qualify for the dividends for which you bought it.

It's why I thought through the goals we need to have as income investors and why I refer to them through the articles in this site.

I'm trying to counter the propaganda we all face from both the popular and financial media on a daily basis. Buy this, don't buy that . . . from our friends and strangers.

Investing Psychology is Important to Understand, to Remain Rational

Researching this site is helping me to clarify my own thinking, so that years from now when I retire, I'll have more than enough money to live on, without depending on my pension or Social Security.

I want the same for you, but I know it's all too easy for stock market psychology to sabotage our own best efforts.

Right now, most investors are not thinking about a demographic event that might devastate the financial world: the retirement of the baby boomers, or the Coming Age Wave

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