"Basic Concepts of Investing for Income"

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Investing for income is different in many ways from the standard way that people invest today.

Yet many of the same issues are the same. Many of them impact income investing in particular ways.

I enjoy reading a lot of money and financial related books. Plus, I have a degree in accounting and therefore took some college classes in Finance.

Again, that doesn't make me a licensed financial planner or broker -- I have no license. But I try to stay up on the various issues of investing, and how to make more money from investing.

And I also assume that many of you income investors have also read these books, as well as others, and are also thinking about these issues. Or you may well read them in the future.

Nobody has a secret program that tells you whether any one particular stock or other investment is going to go up or down tomorrow

Is that because all market movement is random?

Or are there causes which can be measured and used to predict long term investment trends?

Does it even matter?

How can the information in other financial books help us all become a better income investor?

How does it support my idea that capital gains is not important -- only the income.

What will happen when us baby boomers start to retire? That's a critical issue which so far has not hit the mainstream media.

This part of the site is devoted to exploring these issues:

Investing for Income Versus the Total Return Model

Asset Allocation for Income Investors

Income Investing and Indexing

Investing for Income and the Growth Trap

The Greatest Risk Faced by All Income Investors

Income Investors and the Coming Age Wave of the Baby Boomers

Exchange Traded Funds

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