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Exchange Traded Funds have become highly popular investments since the first ones were introduced in the early 1990s. They are a relatively easy way for traders to buy and sell baskets of stocks, especially indexes. The first one was the Standard and Poor's Depositary Receipt, or SPDR (called Spiders) which consist of the S and P 500 index. Spiders are still very popular.

Exchange Traded Funds are Better Than Mutual Funds

Diamonds follow the 30 stocks of the Down Jones Industrial Average and QQQQs (called Qubes) which consists of the Nasdaq 100. Qubes are probably the most highly traded security in the world.

This section of my site is to explain to you --

What are ETFs

How are Exchange Traded Funds different from open end and closed mutual funds

How can income investors use an ETF to achieve their goals

What are ETF Authorized Participants

What is the SPDR (SPY) ETF

What is the Diamond ETF

What is the QQQQ ETF

ETFs do offer significant advantages over ordinary mutual funds, but you do want to understand their nature and how to use them. Exchange Traded Funds are being used by traders and investors for many purposes. Some buy and sell them for -- they hope -- a profit. Some people find EFTs an easy way to set up a portfolio based on asset allocation. Others use various ETFs as hedges. For example, if you own shares in an S and P 500 index fund and you're afraid the market will go down but you don't want to sell those shares, you could sell short some Spiders. However, I don't recommend such moves. Unless you're a true fortune teller, you don't know which way the market is going to go.

I don't make recommendations about which particular securities you should buy or sell, but I hope this will guide you in looking for an EFT or ETFs that will help us as income investors.

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