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Local Shopping REIT plc (LSE:LSR) is a UK-REIT which owns many local retail property in the United Kingdom.

It began in January 2005. It went public May 11, 2007, so was the first UK-REIT to have that status at its IPO. The Chairman is Grahame Whateley

Their basic goal is to invest in retail neighborhood and convenience properties in both urban and suburban areas, and small town centres and villages. They plan to become the largest such company in the U.K. They value their current portfolio at 119 million pounds. It's 665 separate properties around the country.

Unfortunately, they don't say exactly what kind of retail properties they're looking for. They go into some details, but don't say whether they're looking for supermarkets or candle shops. They do say they're looking for tenants who are persons or local businesses, which would seem to exclude supermarket or convenience store chains.

However, the Local Shopping REIT plc seems to be a Real Estate Investment Trust that is doing well, and are well located to benefit from economic activity in the United Kingdom.

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