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Derwent London (LSE:DLN) is a UK-REIT that describes themselves as "design-led." That is evident as soon as you get to their website.

They invest in commercial property in London. They started with sidestreet buildings and are now a leader. The say their portfolio is worth 2.4 billion pounds and is in fourteen London villages -- and has two buildings in Glasgow Scotland. Simon Silver is Chief Executive.

They emphasize architecture and work with contemporary artists.

One of the companies that now comprise Derwent was The New River Company which began life in 1609. In 1975 its property holdings became part of London Merchant Securities (LMS). LMS was originally a 19th century bank.

The Derwent Valley Light Railway was a short, private Yorkshire railway opened in 1913. In 1984 it was transformed into a property company, Derwent Valley Holdings by two real estate agents John Burns and Simon Silver. They grew the company through renovating commercial London buildings.

In February 2007 Derwent Valley Holdings merged with LMS. Derwent converted to REIT status July 1, 2007.

Derwent London Property Portfolio Includes:

2-14 Pentonville Road, N1; 1 Page Street, SW1; Angel Building, 407 St John St EC1; Horseferry House, Horseferry Road SW1; Qube, 91 Whitfield Street W1; The Johnson Building, 77 Hatton Garden EC1; Central Cross, 18-30 Tottenham Court Road and 1-2 Stephen Street W1; Tea Building, Shoreditch High Street E1; 1 Grosvenor Place, SW1; 4 Grosvenor Place, SW1; Portobello Dock, 344 Ladbroke Grove W10; Holden House, 54-68 Oxford Street W1; 132-142 Hampstead Road, NW1; Charlotte Building, 17 Gresse Street, W1; Greencoat and Gordon House, Francis Street SW1; 6-8 Greencoat Place SW1; 25 Savile Road W1; 19-35 Baker Street W1; 88-110 George Street W1; 16-20 Baker Street W1; Rathbone Studios, 7-10 Rathbone Place W1; Riverwalk House. 157-166 Milbank; 26-27 Castlereagh Street; 30 Gloucester Place; 17-39 George Street; Henry Wood House, 3-7 Langham Place; 75 Wells Street; Premier House, Greycoat Place; Morelands Buildings, 5-27 Old Street; 232-242 Vauxhall Bridge Road; 96-98 Bishops Bridge Road; Grafton Hotel, 120-134 Tottenham Court Road; 1-8 Whitfield Place & 136-170 Tottenham Court Road; Network Building, 95-100 Tottenham Court Road; Arup Phase II and III, 8 Fitzroy Street; Fitroy+Maple, W1; 80-84 Charlotte Street & 23 Howland Street, W1; Middlesex House, 34-42 Cleveland Street; 151 Rosebury Avenue; 88-94 Tottenham Court Road; 80-84 Tottenham Court Road; 73-75 Charlotte Street & 34-38 Tottenham Court Road; 43 Whitfield Street; 45-51 Whitfield Street; 67-69 Whitfield Street; 18-24 Fitroy Street, Carr Saunders Hall; Jaeger House, 57 Broadwick Street; Tower House, 10 Southhampton Street; Davidson Building, 5 Southhampton Street; 1 Oliver's Yard; Woodbridge House, 30 Aylesbury Street; Suncourt House, 18-26 Essex Road; 71-81 Whitfield Street; 60 Whitfield Street; 6-7 St Cross Street; 3-4 Hardwick Street; 5-8 Hardwick Street; 161 Rosebery Avenue; 79-89 Pentonville Road; Holford Works, Cruickshank Street; 35-37 Kentish Town Road; 88 Rosebury Avenue & 1 Myddelton Street; 90 Rosebury Avenue; Turnmill, 63 Clerkenwell Road; 40-43 Chancery Lane & 2-3 Cursitor Street; 83-86 Farringdon Street & 12 Harp Alley; Communications House, 210 Old Street; Monmouth House, 58-64 City Road; 401 St John Street; 60 Commercial Road & Gem House; 62 Commercial Road; Gem House, 122-126 Back Church Lane; 70-74 City Road; 65 Whitfield Street; 19-23 Fitzroy Street; Transworld House, 82-100 City Road; Sophia House, 76 City Road & 32 Featherstone Street; Balmoral Grove Buildings, N7; 27-33 Robert Adam Street; 13-15 Mallow Street; 68-70 Whitfield Street; Wedge House, 40 Blackfriars Road; Bush House, Aldwych; 136-142 Bramley Road; 55-65 North Wharf Road; Strathkelvin Retail Park, Bishopbriggs , Glasgow, Scotland; and The Triangle Centre, Brishopbriggs Scotland.

London remains one of the financial and commercial capitals of the world. London Derwent is a Real Estate Investment Trust poised to benefit from economic activity throughout the city.

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