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Great Portland Estates plc (LSE:GPOR) is a Central London UK-REIT with over 1.6 billion pounds in real estate properties. This consists of 3.2 million square feet, with another 3.0 million square feet under development.

Great Portland Estates was set up in 1959 as a publicly listed company when Basil and Howard Samuel had their 41 property withholdings transferred. Basil Howard was the original Chairman and Managing Director.

The company expanded by buying and developing properties, including retail, office and commercial, and bought up smaller companies. In 2000 they decided to focus only on Central London.

Great Portland converted to UK-REIT status January 1, 2007. Toby Courtauld is the Chief Executive.

Great Portland Estate Property Porfolio Includes:

Woolyard, Bermondsey Street; 1/11 Carteret Street; 32/36 Great Portland Street; 92/96 Portland Place; Carrington House, 126/130 Regent Street; 122/124 Regent Street; 23/24 Newman Street; 19/25 Argyll Street; 46/58 Bermondsey Street; 65/71 & 75 Bermondsey Street; Bishopsgate Estate; 240 Blackfriars Road; 24/25 Britton Street; 40/48 Broadway & 1/15 Cartaret Street; 26/30 Broadwick Street; 48/54 Broadwick Street; 10/12 Cork Street; Fetter Lane; 160 Great Portland Street; 60 Great Portland Street; 78/92 Great Portland Street; 20/30 Great Titchfield Street; 33/35 Gresse Street and 23/24 Rathbone Place; Hanover Square Estate; 24/31 Holborn; Jermyn Street Estate; 26/40 Kensington High Street; 67/75 Kingsway; Marcol House, 289/295 Regent Street; 6/10 Market Place; 14/17 Market Place, Kent House; 27/35 Mortimer Street; 37/41 Mortimer Street; 184/190 Oxford St; 508/540 Oxford Street; Park Crescent East; Park Crescent West; 90 Queen Street; 103/113 Regent Street; Walmar House 288/300 Regent Street; 100 Regent Street/33 Glasshouse Street; 28/29 Savile Row; 14/28 Shand Street; 183/190 Tottenham Court Road; Wells & More; 59/63 Wells Street; and Wigmore Street Island Site.

Great Portland Estates is a Real Estate Investment Trust which certainly has a lot of properties in a valuable part of London. However, this is not good geographical diversification.

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