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Aedifica SCA is a Real Estate Investment Trust in Belgium that specializes in residential real estate, including senior housing, and also has hotels.

Stefaan Gielens is the Managing Director - C.E.O.

Aedifica Property Portfolio Includes:

Tervueren 13 A/B, 1040 Bruxelles; Sablon, 1000 Bruxelles; Complexe Laeken - Pont Neuf, 1000 Bruxelles; Le Bon 24-28, 1000 Bruxelles; Lombard 32, 1000 Bruxelles; Complexe Louise 331-333, 1050 Bruxelles; Place du Samedi 6-10, 1000 Bruxelles; Broqueville 8, 1150 Bruxelles; Bataves 71, 1040 Bruxelles; Tervueren 103, 1040 Bruxelles; Louis Hap 128, 1040 Bruxelles; Rue Haute, 1000 Bruxelles; Résidence Palace, 1040 Bruxelles; Churchill 157, 1180 Bruxelles; Auderghem 237-239-241-266-272, 1040 Bruxelles; Edison 5000, Namur; Verlaine/Rimbaud/Baudelaire, 5000 Namur; Ionesco, 5100 Jambes; Musset, 5000 Namur; Giono & Hugo, 5100 Jambes; Antares, 5100 Jambes; Ring, 2018 Antwerpen; Résidence Gauguin et Manet, 6700 Arlon; Ensemble Souveraine, 1050 Bruxelles; Louise 130, 1050 Bruxelles; Louise 135 (+ 2 parkings Louise 137), 1050 Bruxelles; Louise 270, 1050 Bruxelles; Vallée 48, 1050 Bruxelles; Livourne 16-18 (+ 24 parkings Livourne 7-11), 1050 Bruxelles; Freesias, 1030 Bruxelles; and 31 Héliotropes, 1030 Bruxelles.

Therefore, Aedifica is a REIT or Sicafi positioned to make money as long as people in Belgium need places to live.

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