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Ascensio is a Real Estate Investment Trust in Belgium started by Carl, John and Eric Mestdagh and AG Real Estate Asset Management.

Marc Brisack is the CEO. Carl Mestdagh is President.

Ascensio SCA Property Portfolio Includes:

1140 Evere, 54-56 rue Auguste de Boeck; 1180 Uccle, Avenue De Fre 82; 3090 Overijse, Chaussée de Bruxelles 288; 4040 Herstal, 157 Avenue Low Country; 4100 Seraing, Boulevard Pasteur 4; 4432 Alleur, Avenue de l'Expansion 16; 4500 Huy, 13 Quai d'Arona; 4800 Verviers, Street Bridge to the lions 2; 4800 Verviers, Crapaurue 178; 4820 Dison, 35 Garden Street Schools; 5660 Couvin, Route Charlemagne 12; 6010 Couillet, Chaussée de Philippeville 219; 7012 Jemappes, 934 Avenue Marechal Foch; 7140 Morlanwelz, 15 Bridge Street Nile; 7900 Leuze, 1 Rue de l'Artisanat; 9100 Sint-Niklaas; Stationsstraat 16-24; 1140 Evere, Rue Auguste de Boeck 54-56; 3090 Overijse, Brusselsesteenweg 288; 4000 Liège, Rue de Serbie 42; 4432 Alleur, Avenue de l'Expansion 16; and 4820 Dison, Rue Jardins Ecoles 35.

Therefore, Ascensio SCA is a REIT or Sicafi positioned to profit from economic activity in Belgium.

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