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SaizenREIT (DZ8U.SI) is a Singapore Real Estate Investment Trust main invested in a total of 130 residential properties in Japan.

Saizen was listed on the Singapore Stock Exchange November 9, 2007.

Their properties are spread out across 13 regional cities in Japan. They are generally located close to business districts and easy transportation. They expect demand for rental properties to remain strong, since the rate of home ownership in Japan is only 60%.

SaizenREIT Property Portfolio Includes:

Quest Tower Noboricho, Hiroshima; Romauge Kamidori Namikizaka, Kumamoto; Relief Ohorinishi, Fukuoka; Towa Kita 7 Jo, Sapporo; Towa Kotoni, Sapporo; Arioso Phrase, Koriyama; Fantage Yaotome, Sendai; Estate 18 Shinonome, Hiroshima; Royal Shinonome, Hiroshima; Shinonome Heights, Hiroshima; Villa Kaita, Hiroshima; Florecer Miyagino, Sendai; Grand Polestone Higashi Hiratsuka, Hiroshima; Grand Polestone Otemachi II, Hiroshima; GEO Kamiokawamaedori 3, Niigata; Hills Kawabata, Niigata; Hills Nogizaka, Niigata; Residence Shiroishi A, B, C and D, Sapporo; Le Pied Hirao, Fukuoka; Abitare Korimoto, Kagoshima; Abitare Shimoarata I, Kagoshima; Abitare Shinyashiki, Kagoshima; Aisho Plaza Hachiman, Sendai; Alte Heim Kokura, Kitakyushu; Alte Heim Kokura II, Kitakyushu; Alte Heim Kokura IV, Kitakyushu; Alte Heim Mojiekimae, Kitakyushu; Arati Hakata South, Fukuoka; Aster Yamahana, Sapporo; Aster Yamahana, Sapporo; Casa Motomachi, Sapporo; Castle Kano, Sendai; Central Court Tenjin Higashi, Fukuoka; Chalet Aoyama, Kitakyushu; Chalet Einomaru II, Kitakyushu; Chalet Harunomachi, Kitakyushu; Chalet Kanda II, Kitakyushu; Chalet Kishinoura, Kitakyushu; Chalet Matsuo II, Kitakyushu; Chalet Numahon Machi II, Kitakyushu; Chalet Numahon Machi II, Kitakyushu; Chalet Shiragane, Kitakyushu; Chalet Suwamachi, Kitakyushu; Chalet Tsudashin Machi, Kitakyushu; Chateau 24, Sapporo; Chateau Nakanoshima; Chic Takaramachi, Fukuoka; City Room Nakai III, Kitakyushu; Clio Court, Sendai; Core Life, Sendai; Dear Misono, Sapporo; Dominion Yamanote, Sapporo; Ebisu Building III, Sapporo; EMYU Heisei Keyakidori Mansion, Kumamoto; EMYU Honjo, Kumamoto; EMYU Shinmachi, Kumamoto; EMYU Suizenji, Kumamoto; Estella 24-ken A, Sapporo; Etoile Higashi Sendai, Sapporo; Exceed Tsuchitoi, Sendai; First Kotake Building, Sapporo; Fujimicho Building, Hiroshima; Gardenia Kurashiki, Kurashiki; Glance Nishimachi, Sapporo; Gold Mansion Nakao, Fukuoka; Grand Polestone Fujimi, Hiroshima; Grand Polestone Kinya, Hiroshima; Grand Polestone Otemachi, Hiroshima; Grand Polestone Takeya, Hiroshima; Grand Polestone Tsurumi, Hiroshima; Heart Inn Hongou, Sapporo; High Grace II, Sendai; Infinity Higashi, Sapporo; Jeunes 23, Sapporo; K2 Mansion Morioka, Morioka; Katano Residential Building, Kitakyushu; KC Heights, Kumamoto; Kohatsu 88, Sapporo; Kotoni 1-6 Mansion, Sapporo; Kusatsu Higashi Heights, Hiroshima; La Finesse Hakataeki Minami, Fukuoka; Leggiero Viola, Koriyama; Les Chambres, Sapporo; Liesse Wakabayashi, Sendai; Lively Kamisugi, Sendai; Luna Heights, Sapporo; Maestoso Figur, Koriyama; Maison d'Etoile II, Sendai; Maison Towa, Sapporo; Mansion Lilac, Sendai; Matoba Meijibashi II, Hiroshima; Matsui 53, Sapporo; Matsui 82, Sapporo; Matsukaze Building, Hakodate; Misono, Sapporo; Mon Palais Toroku, Kumamoto; Niken Chaya Grand, Sendai; Orion Heim, Fukuoka; Park Crystal, Sapporo; Plaza Nakajima Park, Sapporo; Rise Fujisaki Dai, Kumamoto; Rise Heiseiekimae, Kumamoto; Rise Kojo Horibata, Kumamoto; Rise Kuhonji II, Kumamoto; Rise Kumadai Hospital II, Kumamoto; Rise Kumamoto Station South, Kumamoto; Rise Oe, Kumamoto; Rise Shimodori. Kumamoto; Royal Hills Komatsushima, Sendai, S. Heim, Kumamoto; Saumur Meinohama II, Fukuoka; Sec' As Blue II, Kumamoto; Senboku Heim I, Kumamoto; Senboku Heim II, Kumamoto; Shinko Kokura Kogane Sky Mansion, Kitakyushu; S. Heim, Sapporo; Saumur Meinohama II, Fukuoko; Sec' As Blue II, Sapporo; Senboku Heim I, Morioka; Senboku Heim II, Morioka; Shinko Kokura Kogane Sky, Kitakyushu; Suien, Sapporo; Sun City, Sapporo; Sun Hills Asahigaoka, Sendai; Treasure 15, Sapporo; Urban Hills Dainohara, Sendai; Urban Yamahana, Sapporo; VOGA Minami Kannon, Hiroshima; Wing Befu, Fukuoka; Wing Nakahirodori, Hiroshima; Yamamoto Mansion, Kagoshima; and YSK Co-op Saiwaicho, Senda.

Therefore, SaizenREIT is an S-REIT positioned to profit from the need of Japanese for someplace to stay.

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