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CapitaRetail China Trust (SIN:AU8U) is a Real Estate Investment Trust based in Singapore (S-REIT), but owning and operating retail shopping malls in China. It was listed on the Singapore exchange December 8, 2006. CRCT is the first all-China property REIT on the Singapore exchange. As of December 31, 2009 its property portfolio was worth RMB5,692 million.

CapitaRetail China Trust Property Portfolio Includes:

CapitaRetail Xizhimen Mall, CapitaRetail Wangjing Mall, CapitaRetail Jiulong Mall, CapitaRetail Anzhen Mall in Beijing, CapitaRetail Qibao Mall in Shanghai, CapitaRetail Zhengzhou Mall in Zhengzhou, CapitaRetail Saihan Mall in Huhhot, and CapitaRetail SZITIC Xinwu Mall in Wuhu.

These are large shopping malls in highly populated areas and which are easily reached via public transportation. Their tenants include international brand names such as Wal-Mart, and fast food such as KFC and McDonald's.

CRCT is externally managed by CapitaRetail China Trust Management Limited (CRCTML), which is an indirect, wholly owned subsidiary of CapitaMalls Asia Limited. That company is one of Asia’s largest publicly listed shopping mall developers and owners.

Mr Liew Cheng San Victor is the Chairman & Non-Executive Independent Director of CRCT.

Therefore, CapitaRetail China Trust is a REIT positioned to profit from rising prosperity and shopping activity in large cities in China.

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