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alstria Office REIT-AG was the first Real Estate Investment Trust in Germany (or G-REIT), starting with April 2007.

alstria Office is based in Hamburg, and its CEO is Olivier Elamine. It's internally managed.

alstria focuses exclusively on acquiring, owning and managing office properties in Germany. It's the second-largest listed office company in the country.

It began in 2006, starting out by acquiring an $800 million portfolio from the state of Hamburg in a sale-leaseback deal.

It owns 88 office buildings with about 10 million square feet of leasable space, and that portfolio is valued at 1.8 billion euros.

In 2010, alstria Office has had enough free cash to look for good acquisitions, to refinance its loans that mature at the end of 2011, and on finishing its reburbishment projects.

They look for office properties with long term leases and a good relationship with their tenants.

The alstria Office Portfolio Includes:

Munich (Munchen): Arnulfstraße 150, Landshuter Allee 174 and Hofmannstraße 51

Hamburg: Garstedter Weg 13, Basselweg 73, Max-Brauer-Allee 89-91, Max-Brauer-Allee 41-43, Alte Königstraße 29-39, Grindelberg 62-66, Drehbahn 36, Bäckerbreitergang 73, Alter Steinweg 4/Wexstraße 7, Große Bleichen 23-27, Ernst-Merck-Str. 9, Schopenstehl 24, Steinstr. 5-7, Johanniswall 4, Steinstraße 10, Besenbinderhof 41, Amsinckstr. 28, Amsinckstr. 34, Nagelsweg 41-45, Kanalstrasse 44, Hamburger Str. 1-15, Hamburger Straße 43-49, Ludwig-Rosenberg-Ring 41, Herthastr. 20, Rahlstedter Straße 151 - 157, Buxtehuder Str. 9, 9a, 11, 11a, Harburger Ring 17, Kattunbleiche 19, Hammer Steindamm 129, Wandsbeker Chaussee 220, Drehbahn 36, Kaiser-Wilhelm-Straße 79-87, Bäckerbreitergang 73, Nagelsweg 41-45, and Besenbinderhof 41.

Detmold: Doktorweg 2-4 /Bismarckstraße 3,

Hannover: Arndtstraße 1 and Werner-von-Siemens-Platz 1

Magdeburg: Halberstädter Straße 17

Potsdam: Helene-Lange-Straße 6/7

Berlin: Holzhauser Str. 175-177 and Darwinstr. 14-18

Essen: Bamlerstr. 1-5

Wuppertal: Gathe 78/ Karlstraße 13/ Friedrichstraße 39

Dusseldorf: Friedrichstraße 19 and Benrather Schlossallee 29-33

Neuss: Jagenbergstraße 1

Koln: Horbeller Str. 11 and Gereonsdriesch 13

Bonn: Bertha-von-Suttner-Platz 17

Wiesbaden: Gustav-Nachtigal-Str. 3 and Gustav-Nachtigal-Str. 4

Halle: Joliot-Curie-Platz 29-30

Jena: Spitzweidenweg 107

Leipzig: Ludwig-Erhard-Straße 49

Erfurt: Am Roten Berg 5 and Johannesstr. 164-165/J.-Gagarin-Ring 133-135

Zwickau: Lothar-Streit-Straße 10b

Dresden: Washingtonstr. 16/16a, Zellescher Weg 21-25a, and Zwinglistr. 11/13.

Wurzburg: Schweinfurter Straße 4

Nurnberg: Am Gräslein 12

Mannheim: Carl-Reiß-Platz 1-5 TG

Karlsruhe: Friedrich-Scholl-Platz 1

Ditzingen: Siemensstraße 31 - 33

Stuttgart: Ernsthaldenstraße 17 and Epplestraße 225

alstria Office's Current Development Projects

Bieberhaus in Hamburg, Mundsburg Office Tower, Alte Post in Hamburg, and Kaisergalerie in Hamburg.

They've got 794,000 square meters of leasable space.

alstria Office AG-REIT is a G-REIT well positioned to profit from business economic activity throughout Germany.

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