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Fair Value REIT-AG became the second German Real Estate Investment Trust, in December 2007. They are based in Munich, and concentrate on retail, office and logistics properties, which form 90% of their portfolio.

Fair Value is internally managed, but outsources property management and bookkeeping. They are based in Munich.

It owns 80 properties, with ten tenants occupying 60%, and a total of 444,000 square meters of leasable area. It is focused on property acquisition, leasing, management and sales in Germany. It invests both real estate funds and directly in the property. It looks for retail, office, and logistics properties in regions throughout Germany.

They own 32 properties directly. Twenty properites are owned via subsidiaries. There are 24 properties held by seven associated companies.

Dr. Heinz Rehkugler is Chairman of the Supervisory Board and Frank Schaich is Chairman of the Management Board and CEO.

Around 80% of Fair Value's portfolio came from buying up limited partnership interests from private investors in commercial properties. The company offers cash or stock to investors holding unlisted, illiquid positions in closed-end real estate funds (as limited partners). Many of their managing board and staff have been handling closed-end funds for years.

The remaining 20% came from acquiring bank branches through direct sale-leaseback transations with a savings bank. They have 32 bank branches. They also own shares in thirteen closed end funds.

Fair Value REIT-AG has outsourced inventory management through service contracts to the IC Real Estate Group.

The Portfolio of Fair Value REIT AG Includes:

Hauptstraße 56e / 56 d Appen, Bleeck 1 Bad Bramstedt,  Oldesloer Straße 24 Bad Segeberg, Königstr. 19-21 Barmstedt, Bahnhofstraße 9 Bönnigstedt, Bahnhofstraße 14 Boostedt, Am alten Markt 9a Bornhöved, Berliner Damm 6 Ellerau, Pinneberger Straße 155 Ellerbek, Dorfstraße 29 Geschendorf, Hauptstraße 33 Halstenbek, Seestraße 232 Halstenbek, Friesenstraße 59 Helgoland, Hamburger Straße 83 Henstedt-Ulzburg, Holstenstraße 32 Kaltenkirchen, Köllner Chaussee 27 Kölln-Reisiek, Hamburger Straße 40 Leezen, Segeberger Straße 21 Nahe, Ehndorfer Straße 153 Neumünster, Kuhberg 11-13 Neumünster, Röntgenstraße Neumünster, Ulzburger Str. 363 d / e Norderstedt, Ulzburger Str. 545 / 547 Norderstedt, Damm 49 Pinneberg, Oeltingsallee 30 Pinneberg-Quellental, Kieler Straße 100 Quickborn,  Hauptstraße 49 Rellingen, Rosenstraße 15 Sparrieshoop,  Willy-Meyer-Straße 3-5 Tornesch, Am Markt 1 Trappenkamp, Wassermühlenstraße 5 Uetersen, Markt 1 Wahlstedt, Rheinstr. 8 Teltow, Im Taubental 9-17 Neuss, Heidhauser Straße 94 Essen-Heidhausen, Hospitalstraße 17 - 19 / Judengasse 21 Alzey,  Andreasstr. 1 haus-Müllen, Andreasstr. 3 - 7 Ahaus-Wüllen, Marktplatz 3 Altenberge, Heerenbergerstr. 51 Emmerich, Hubert-Prott-Str. 117 Frechen, Hinüberstr. 6 Hannover, Köhlstr. 8 Köln, Gutenbergstr. 152/ St. Töniser Str. 12 Krefeld, Lippestr. 2 Lippetal-Herzfeld, Zeughausstr. 13 Meschede, Bahnhofstraße 20 a-e Waltrop, Marconistr. 4-8 Köln, Hauptstr. 51 - 55 Weyhe-Leeste, Max-Planck-Ring 26/28 Langenfeld, Friedrich-Engels-Ring 52 Neubrandenburg, Großbeerenstr. 231 Potsdam, Carnotstr. 5 - 7 Berlin, Nossener Brücke 8 - 12 Dresden, Kröpeliner Str. 26-28 Rostock, Hartmannstr. 3 a - 7 Chemnitz, Henkestr. 5 Erlangen, Heinrich-Lorenz-Str. 35 Chemnitz, Am alten Bad 1 - 7, Theaterstr. 34a Chemnitz, Königsbrücker Str. 121 a Dresden, Pascalkehre 15 / 15a Quickborn, Zum Rotering 5-7 Ahaus, Vor den Fuhren 2 Celle, Nordpassage 1 Eisenhüttenstadt, Altmärker Str. 5 Genthin, Robert-Bosch-Str. 11 Langen, Hammer Str. 455-459 Münster, Hannoversche Str. 39 Osnabrück, Klingelbrink 10 Rheda-Wiedenbrück BBV10 Retail 1991 2,455 2,110 2,510 19.0 7.20 6.40 2,235 Lerchenbergstr.112/113, Annendorfer Str. 15/16 Wittenberg, Oberfrohnaer Str. 62 - 74 Chemnitz, Leimbacher Straße Bad Salzungen, Mühlhäuser Str. 100 Eisenach, Putzbrunner Str. 71 / 73 Fritz-Erler-Str. 3 München-Neuperlach, Weißenfelser Str. 70 Naumburg, and An der Backstania 1 Weilburg.

Therefore, Fair Value REIT AG is positioned to benefit from economic activity throughout Germany.

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