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Realty Income (ticker symbol O on the New York Stock Exchange) owns over freestanding, single-tenant, net-leased 2,250 properties in 48 states. It leases them to chain restaurants, child care centers and tire and lube centers.

Unlike all other REITs, Realty pays its dividends monthly instead of quarterly. And they haven't missed a payment for over 38 years. (They were founded in 1969.) They went public in October 1994, and have raised their dividend over twice a year since then. They take pride in calling themselves The Monthly Dividend Company, and trademarked the term in 1998. They currently pay out over $1 billion a year in dividends.

Realty Income Helps Retail Stores and Restaurants -- and Its Shareholders

They focus on middle market retail chains that meet basic human needs, and they've maintained a 97% tenant occupancy rate. They lease to a total of 110 different companies in 30 different retail industries.

They also provide mortgage placement services.

Realty Income is obviously a REIT worth the attention of income investors.

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