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Home Properties (NYSE: HME) is a REIT (real estate investment trust) that provide apartment living to residents in certain areas spread over the U.S. It was started in 1967.

HME owns, operates, acquires, develops, and rehabilitates apartment communities. They now have a total of over 38,000 apartments. Most are owned by them, a few are partnerships and some are managed for third parties. They look for stable markets where they can acquire under-managed properties well below their replacement costs.

Most of their properties are 20 to 40 years old and located in suburban areas. They have senior citizens, and middle income residents.

Home Properties Portfolio:

Home Properties of Newark, The Hamptons, Vinings, Blackhawk Apartments, Cypress Place, The Townhomes of Beverly, Courtyards Village, The Colony Apartments, The Heights of Marlborough, The Meadows at Marlborough, The Village at Marshfield, Liberty Place, Gardencrest Apartments, Annapolis Roads Apartments, Bonnie Ridge Apartments, Canterbury Apartments, Fox Hall Apartments, Woodholme Manor Apartments, Country Village, Heritage Woods, The Apartments at Wellington Trace, The Coves at Chesapeake, Village Square Townhomes and Apartments, Cider Mill Apartments, Tamarron Apartments, Falcon Crest Townhomes and Apartments, Owings Run Apartments, Falkland Chase, Mill Towne Village, Morningside, Timbercroft Townhomes and Apartments, Cinnamon Run, Peppertree Farm, Woodleaf Apartments, Redbank Village, Chatham Hill, Hackensack Gardens, Ridgeview at Wakefield Valley, Northwood Apartments, Oak Manor Apartments, Barrington Gardens, Jacob Ford Village, Northwood Apartments, Pleasant View Gardens, Royal Gardens Apartments, East Hill Gardens, Wayne Village, Windsor Realty Company, Mid-Island Apartments, Southern Meadows, Bari Manor Apartments, Devonshire Hills, Hawthorne Court, Sunset Garden Apartments, Westwood Village, Wedgewood Village Apartments, Sayville Commons, South Bay Apartments, Holiday Square, Trexler Park Apartments, Hill Brook Place Apartments, The Landings, Sherry Lake Apartments, Home Properties of Devon, Ridley Brook Apartments, Glen Brook Apartments, Glen Manor Apartments, Village Square Apartments, Chesterfield Apartments, Raquet Club Apartments, New Orleans Park, The Brooke at Peachtree Village, Braddock Lee Apartments, Golf Club Apartments, Seminary Hill Apartments, Seminary Towers Apartments, Mount Vernon Square Apartments, Virginia Village, East Meadow Apartments, Park Shirlington Apartments, West Springfield Terrace, and The Sycamores.

Home Properties is a REIT well-positioned for future profit, since it's reaching the fast-growing market of senior citizens, plus it's well-diversified across the U.S.

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