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Federal Realty Investment is a REIT focused on the development, redevelopment, acquisition and property management of high quality retail centers. They brag that they turn commercial real estate into "exciting" retail centers -- but take a disciplined approach of examining demographics and applying their experience and stable resources.

Federal Realty Investment Retail Centers

The New York Stock Exchange ticker symbol for Federal Realty is FRT. Their own around 18.4 million square feet of property, mostly located in strategically located metropolitan areas in the Northeast, Mid-Atlantic and California. It's an S&P MidCap 400 company. Donald Wood is the current President and CEO.

It was founded in 1962, and has paid quarterly dividends ever since then, and has increased its annual dividends every year for 41 years -- a record for the REIT industry. It does have a dividend reinvestment plan.

Sample properties include Loehmann's Plaza in Falls Church Virginia, Bethesda Row in Bethesda Maryland, Crow Canyon Commons in San Ramon California, King's Court, Old Town Center, Santana Row, Third Street Promenade, Westgate, Crossroads, Finley Square, Garden Market, Forest Hills, Fresh Meadows, and Greenlawn Plaza.

Most of their centers are anchored by high quality national chain stores.

Federal Realty Investment is fairly well diversified, and so should prosper while upper middle class urban professionals in the U.S. have incomes to spend.

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