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Gladstone Commercial (NSDQ: GOOD) is a real estate investment trust that leases business real estate and makes mortgage loans to small and medium-sized private businesses.

Gladstone Commercial Financing

Gladstone is looking after its investors. They pay dividends monthly, and aim to increase dividend payouts every year.

They help businesses finance real estate in 3 ways: they'll buy the property and then lease it to the business on a long-term basis. They buy property the business already owns, then lease it back to them on a long-term basis. They'll make a long term mortgage loan.

To do this, they work with two sister companies -- Gladstone Capital Corporation (NASDAQ: GLAD) and Gladstone Investment Corporation (NASDAQ: GAIN). They conduct business through Gladstone Commercial Limited Partnership that is their operating partnership. Plus, they have a wholly owned subsidiary, Gladstone Commercial Partners, LLC.

They were incorporated in Maryland on February 14, 2003. They do have a dividend reinvestment program.

They focus on senior debt, second lien debt, mezzanine debt, secured and unsecured subordinated loans, and equity and real estate sale leasebacks. Investments range from $5 to $30 million.

Some of their tenants/customers include: Radiotherapy Clinics of Georgia, Chicago Office Technology Group, Gaylord Brothers, Creme de la Creme, Atlas Paper, MedPlus, Inc, Elster Electricity, Mathey Dearman, and Ace Expediters.

Gladstone Commercial is a REIT to profit from economic growth in the United States. Their mortgage business could hurt them if interest rates go in the wrong direction.

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