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Archstone-Smith is a REIT that operates high quality apartment buildings in major metropolitan areas. They have ownership interest in 418 different communities, with 70,000 units. Their ticker symbol is ASN.

They are in such areas as Washington, D.C., Los Angeles, San Diego, the San Francisco Bay Area, the New York City metropolitan area, Seattle and Boston. They provide valuable, extra services to their tenants.

Archstone-Smith Properties

Archstone Pacific View in San Diego California, Archstone Arrowhead, Archstone Desert Harbor, Tempe Groves, Archstone Studio City, The Statesman, Tunlaw Gardens, Tunlaw Park, Connecticut Heights, The Albemarle, The Consulate, Van Ness South, Calvert Woodley, Cleveland House, The Flats at Dupont Circle, Corcoran House, Park Connecticut, Ballston Place, Crystal House, Crystal Place, Crystal Plaza, Lofts 590, 1016 Lofts, Westchester at Clairmount, Dunwoody Courtyards, Gallery at Rosslyn, Westchester at Cherry Lane, Westchester at Contee Crossing, Archstone Wheaton Station, Waterford Place, and The Lofts at Albert Park.

Archstone is profiting from the need of affluent tenants for high quality apartments in major metropolitan areas.

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