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Northern Property Real Estate Investment Trust is an open-end, unincorporated REIT that focuses mainly on residential properties in Canada's Northwest Territories, Nunavut, and provinces Newfoundland, Alberta, and British Columbia. It's the largest residential landlord in many of these areas.

Northern Property trades on the Toronto Stock Exchange under the stock ticker symbol NPR.UN, and its corporate headquarters are in Calgary, Alberta. It particularly likes to rent to the government and large corporations.

It also owns and leases back housing for senior citizens - long term care and independent living facilities. It also owns some commercial real estate.

Northern Property REIT began in 1968 under the name Urbco, Inc. Previously, this company was listed under the ticker symbol UBC. In May 2002 Urbco filed a plan of reorganization, and its rental properties were sold to NPR.UN.

Northern Property Real Estate Investment Trust Portfolio:

Hillside Manor, Jennifer Arms, Parkwood Place, Shannon Manor, Shannondoah, Wentworth Townhomes, Windrem Apartments, Country Squire A, Country Squire B, Dawson Townhomes, Heritage House, Loran Townhomes, Parklane, Parkview, Ridgeview Apartments, Tuscany Manor, Unchaga Court, Willowbrook Townhomes, Beartrack, Chalet Apartments, Fehr Place, Fort Nelson Apartments, Gama, Grove Manor, Hillside Apartments, Klondike Townhomes, Mt. Glacier, Nahanni Manor, Seawood, Springhill Summit, Trapper Apartments, Centurion Estates, Fort St. John Townhouses, Marquis Centre, Premier Court, Seral Manor, Wentworth Manor, Alderwood Place, Tudor Gardens, Woodland Townhomes, Spruce Manor, Terrace Court, Squires Court, Centennial Court Apartments, Concord Apartments, Jonathan Lodge, MacDonald Place, Manhattan Manor, Manning Place, Parkview Manor I, Parkview Manor II, Riverside Court, Sheraton Apartments, Skylark Apartments, Stroud Place, Windsor Apartments, Northgate I (Northgate Townhouses), Northgate II (Northgate Place), Northgate III (Northgate Apartments), The Courtyards, Westmore Estates, Capri Gardens, Cedar Manor, Mainstreet, Robinson Mews, Westwood Village, MacKenzie Manor, Redwood Manor, Alder Row Houses, Bompas Place Apartments, Bompas Row Houses, Gwich'in Row Houses, Inuit Row Houses, Kingalok Duplex, Lakeview Manor, Mackenzie Row Houses, McDonald Manor, Mountainview Apts, Nanuk Row Houses, Natala Row Houses, Nihjaa Apartments, Parkview Manor, Raven Row Houses, Semmler Duplexes, Bison Estates, Bison Hill Apartments, Bowling Green, Crestview Manor, Dorset Apartments, Finlayson Drive Townhomes, Fort Gary Apartments, Frobisher House, Garden Townhomes, Greenstone Place Townhouses, Hudson House, Lakeside Court Townhouses, Lanky Court Townhomes, Matonabee North & South, Niven Lake Apartments, Niven Lake South, Norseman Manor, Polaris Apartments, Ridgeview, Rockridge Apartments, Sandstone, Simpson House, Sunridge Place, Park Place, Regency Apartments, Columbus, Grenfell Court, Highland Park, Keane Manor, Keane Place, Kenny's Park, Pasadena Place, Pleasantville, St. Clare Manor, St. George's Court, Sunridge Place, The Bristol, Valleyview Apartments, Wyndwood Heights, BDC Building, GoGa Cho Building, Jan Stirling Building, Lahm Ridge Tower, NWT Commerce Place, Shoppers Drug Mart, Stanton Medical Plaza, WalMart Building, Yellowknife Courthouse, YK Centre, YK Centre East, and YK Centre West.

Therefore, Northern Property is a REIT positioned to benefit from people living and shopping in the outlying areas of Canada.

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