Primaris Retail REIT

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Primaris Retail REIT is am open-ended Canadian real estate investment trust formerly known as Borealis that traded under the symbol TSX: BRE.UN. Now its symbol is TSX: PMZ.UN.

Primaris is managed by Oxford Properties Group now in 2009, but will internalize management as of January 1, 2010 when their contract expires.

They own mid-market retail centres in major cities and dominant shopping malls in smaller cities.

Primaris was formed in July 2003.

Primaris Retail REIT Malls:

Sugarloaf Mall South Cambridge Centre, Dufferin Mall, Grant Park, Midtown Plaza, Orchard Park Shopping Centre, Northland Village Mall, Place Fleur de Lys, Aberdeen Mall, Cornwall Centre, Eglinton Square, Heritage Place, Lambton Mall, Park Place Shopping Centre, Place d'Orleans, Place du Royaume, Stone Road Mall, Alliston Mills, Edinburgh Market Place, Forest Glen, Northland Professional Centre, Northland Village Shoppes, and Westbank Shopping Centre.

Therefore, Primaris Retail REIT is well-positioned to benefit from economic activity throughout urban Canada.

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