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Crombie REIT is a real estate investment trust that's the largest landlord in Atlantic Canada -- owning and managing properties throughout Quebec, Prince Edward Island, Nova Scotia, New Brunswick, Newfoundland, Ontario and Saskatchawan. Their focus on shopping centers, but also include office buildings.

Crombie REIT employees help manage some properties owned by ECL Developments Limited (“ECL”), a subsidiary of Empire Company Limited. Empire holds a 47.9% indirect interest in Crombie, through ECL.

Daniel E. Clow is President and Chief Executive Officer of Crombie. They're in Stellarton Nova Scotia.

Crombie REIT Property Portfolio:

Uptown Centre, Prospect Street Plaza, Grand Bay Plaza, Bridgeview Plaza, Elmwood Plaza, Highfield Square, Mountain Road Plaza, Shediac Road Plaza, Nashwaaksis Plaza, Riverview Mall, Fairvale Plaza, Lancaster Plaza, Loch Lomond Place, Charlotte Mall, Carleton Mall, Random Square, Conception Bay Plaza, Valley Mall, Avalon Mall, Hamlyn Road Plaza, Topsail Road Plaza, Torbay Road Plaza, Amherst Centre, Mill Cove Plaza, Amherst Plaza, Bridgewater Mall, Eastside Plaza, Eastside Plaza, Eastside Plaza, Eastside Plaza, Primrose Plaza, Westphal Plaza, Woodside Plaza, Wyse Road Plaza, Elmsdale Shopping Centre, Evangeline Mall, Fall River Plaza, Sterling Mall, Barrington Place Shops, Clayton Park Plaza, Park Lane, Queen Street Plaza, Scotia Square, Downsview Mall, Downsview Plaza, Aberdeen Shopping Centre, Highland Square, West Side Plaza, County Fair Mall New Minas, New Minas Plaza, Blink Bonnie Plaza, Prince Street Plaza, Sydney Shopping Centre, Tantallon Plaza, North Shore Centre, Fundy Trail Centre, Fort Edward Plaza, Arthur Plaza, Brampton, 8975 Chinguacousy Road, Burlington, 3230 Fairview Street, Carleton Place Mews, International Gateway Centre, Rymal Road Plaza, Upper James Square, Kitchener Plaza, Town Centre Plaza, Village Square Mall, Niagara Plaza, St. Joseph Market Plaza, Oshawa, Taunton & Wilson Roads, Price Chopper Plaza, Perth Mews, Port Colborne Mall, White Horse Plaza, Smithville Plaza, 318 Ontario Street, Queensland Plaza, Rose City Plaza, South Pelham Market Plaza, Sobeys Plaza, Kinlock Plaza, County Fair Mall Summerside, Beauport Plaza, 3260 Lapiniere Boulevard, Greenfield Park, Paspebiac Plaza, River City Centre, Elmwood Plaza - Offices, Terminal Centres, Terminal Plaza Building, Westphal Plaza - Offices, Brunswick Place, CIBC Building, Cogswell Tower, Duke Tower, Park Lane Terraces, Scotia Square Parkade, and Aberdeen Business Centre.

Therefore, Crombie REIT is well-positioned to benefit from economic activity in Eastern Canada.

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