7 Reasons to Invest for Income -- NOW More Than Ever

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In this free ecourse I give you a brief introduction to investing for income. This is just a taste of what's in my new Income Investing Secrets program.

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1. Cash in Your Pocket

2. Income Investments Have Lower Volatility

3. You Don't Have to Pay Taxes on IRA, 401(k) etc Income

4. Accounting Fraud Can Generate Fake Revenue on the Books, but Dividends Checks Require Real Cash in the Bank

5. Historically, Half of All Stock Market Total Yield Has Come from Dividends

6. You Don't Care Who Wins the Beauty Contest -- So Long As You Get Paid

7. The Real Power of Income Investing -- Reinvesting and Compounding

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I hope you get some benefit from these 7 reasons, so you start to understand that investing for capital gains is not the winning strategy that the mainstream financial media, financial analysts and stock pickers, and -- most of all -- your broker want you to believe.

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