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7 Reasons to Invest for Income -- Reason #1

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This is so obvious, it's amazing that so many investors place so little importance on it.

Regular Cash - We All Need It

What if you were offered a job at a company you felt certain was going to grow from small to large in just a few years? And the president says they can't afford to pay you a cash salary now, only stock options, but they'll be worth a small fortune in several years.

Would you take such a job? Not many people can afford to, no matter how convinced they are that the company will grow and their ownership in it become extremely valuable.

You have bills to pay. Your mortgage company wants a payment every month. Your family wants food every day. You can charge many expenses but Visa and MasterCard want some cash every month.

You can't go to your mortgage company and promise you'll pay the mortgage in two years when your new job makes you rich. The supermarket won't take such a promise. Neither will the gas station. Or the shopping mall. Or your local gas and electric companies.

Yet when you invest your money for growth, you're making just such a deal. You're sacrificing the present for the (uncertain) future.

The income investor, however, receives regular checks that can be used to pay bills or buy luxuries.

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