"What are HYIP Monitor Sites"

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An HYIP monitor site is a directory of HYIP programs that pretends to provide HYIP reviews.

They supposedly exert some sort of control over the programs by investing their own money into the programs and then reporting on which HYIP programs are "paying." Those are listed favorably.

The ones that have stopped paying are listed as HYIP scams.

HYIP Monitor Sites are the Core of HYIP Sites

They may provide various articles about HYIP and investments and gold. They may also provide a useful service in hosting a discussion forum. One I saw did give me some other useful links to follow to learn about high yield investing programs.

However, these monitor sites do provide cover for the HYIPs by pretending to provide HYIP ratings.

That's because they make the ones they list as "Paying" HYIPs look honest. They've invested their own personal money, so they say, and give the figure. Of course, just because a program is paying a monitor site doesn't mean they'll pay you.

HYIP monitoring sites make money, possibly more money than the HYIPs themselves because they appear honest, and last longer

They don't have to fold up and start all over again under a new name every 3 months.

1. They sell advertising space on their site to HYIPs. They're full of various banners and listings.

2. They invest early in the HYIPs, so they have the most chance to receive more money than people who join later. Once they have their initial investment back, any additional money paid to them is profit.

Since you're going to invest behind them, you may not be so lucky.

3. They receive a referral fee from the HYIPs for getting you to sign up through their link.

However, they do run the risk that law enforcement agencies will regard them as culpable along with the HYIP owners.

I also wouldn't be surprised to learn that not only are HYIP monitor sites and HYIP sites in conscious, fraudulent cahoots, I wouldn't be surprised to learn that many of them both are owned by the same people. That enables HYIP scammers to profit not only from their own scams, but from other con artists as well.

What is the legal status of HYIPs.

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