"What High Yield Investment Programs or HYIPs Invest In"

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I went to the web sites of 20 different HYIPs and dug deep to discover what they claimed to invest in.

The results:

1. Everything but the kitchen sink: "investments on the NYSE, NASDAQ, Nikkei and HSCC/FOREX markets. We also utilize options, Certificates of Deposit, Euro Securities, Hybrid Securities such as preference shares and some other instruments. . . . including domestic and foreign stocks, bonds, mutual funds, options, insurance, and annuities."

2. Gambling in Macao casinos.

3. Totally unspecified.

4. Bank loans and debit cards.

5. "Currency trading and programs of technical analysis."

6. Gold investments

7. E-Commercial and trade (Internet interchangers, shops, casinos, etc.); Stock exchange trade; Foundation and promotion of new profitable companies; Promising companies stocks' buying.

8. Stock trading

9. "takes powerful position in purchasing and sale valuable securities and shares of the most profitable and leading the companies whose main activities are oil & gas exploration and production and sale of petroleum products. Our goal is to generate prospect properties that make good sound economic sense, properties that meet our investors' high goals and properties supported by the latest technology."

10. Venture capital and maybe day trading

11. Forex trading

12. Forex trading

13. Developing intellectual products

14. "Stock trading, forex, futures, real estate, insurance, bonds, precious metals, research and manufacturing."

15. Prime bank European bank debentures

16. Straight line "matrix" -- as other people pay the money behind you, you move up in the line, until you get paid yourself

17. "Cooperative work with other profitable funds"

18. Not specified

19. Playing Texas hold em poker online.

20. "Forex, NASDAQ market trading and various other investments back us up to achieve a profitable, stable, reliable and sustainable program over the long term."

I tried to visit some sites which were down -- possibly due to server problems but also possibly because their site host shut them down after complaints.

I've read that some HYIP investing programs invest in the online selling of ebooks and software and some in other HYIPs.

HYIP Websites can Claim They Invest in Most Anything

They just write up long laundry lists of types of investments and business activities whether it makes sense or not. I mean, you don't need an HYIP to invest in a certificate of deposit, but they don't pay anything on a daily basis. And "manufacturing?" What is a small offshore investing fund going to manufacture? And how is that going to pay a guaranteed daily return?

If they don't know how to trade or play poker, they create an out and out phony structure -- a matrix with no pretense about meaning anything.

Or they don't even bother to tell you what they invest in. In a way, that's the most honest!

Compare this lack of specificity with ordinary mutual funds. They're defined by what they invest in -- growth stocks, junk bonds, an index, whatever.

Hedge funds may invest in a wider range than mutual funds, but you can still be confident they invest in something specific. They won't present you with a long list of business activities and tell you they invest in all of them. I'm pretty sure they give investors a good idea of what kind of investing they do. It wouldn't be a few lines in poorly written English in a FAQ devoted to how to send funds by e-gold.

What High Yield Investment Programs really invest in is the website and any advertising to get fools and suckers to send the HYIP their hard earned money believing in lies.

Where do you find these HYIPs? -- on HYIP monitor sites.

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