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Shaftesbury plc (LSE:SHB) is a UK REIT specialising in retail commercial properties in London's West End. Everything they own is within an 11 acre radius.

Shaftesbury has 309 shops with 397,000 square feet. They also have 202 restaurants, cafes, pubs, bars and clubs with 478,000 square feet. They also have 421,000 square feet of rented office space. Plus they have 367 apartments.

They own properties in the districts of Carnaby, Chinatown, Convent Garden, St Martin's Courtyard, Soho and Charlotte Street. Many of their buildings are architectually and historically protected.

Shaftesbury buys buildings only in the three best districts of the London West End, and historical buildings. They are also based in this area, so they can walk to their investments and get an intimate knowledge of what types of retail outlets will likely do well. Many of their stores are unique and unusual, and they're proud to be different than most high street and shopping centers.

Peter Levy founded the company in August 1986 and acquired 32 properties in Chinatown. In October 1987 they were fully listed on the London Stock Exchange. They converted to UK-REIT status April 1, 2007. Jonathan Lane is now Chief Executive.

Therefore, Shaftesbury is by far the most fashionable Real Estate Investment Trust in the UK but are not geographically diversified.

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