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Frey is a French Real Estate Investment Trust or societes d'investissements immobiliers cotees which develops, owns and managers commercial properties. It combines work as a broker with being a real estate developer. It is designing "New Generation" Retail Parks.

Frey has been around for nearly thirty years, and considers it part of its job to give people space that respects the environment. It was founded in 1983 by Jean-Jacques Frey. Antoine Frey is the CEO. It operates in both France and Spain.

Frey Property Portfolio Includes:

Greencenter® Seclin Lille-Sud, Zone UNEXPO; PARC DE LA CROISETTE, Zac du Bois Fortant - rue Paulin Richier, 08000 CHARLEVILLE-MEZIERES; Parc des 3 Frontières, ZAC Internationale des 3 Frontières 54350 Mont St Martin; PAC Les Templiers, Neuilly sous Clermont (60); Parc Commercial des Moulins, Parc des Moulins 02200 Soissons (02); TERVILLE – THIONVILLE – ZAC du Linkling 3, 57180 Thionville; Le Verger en Serval, Zone E.Leclerc, La Chapelle en Serval (60); Actipole La Neuvillette, Centre commercial Cora Nord, Reims (51); LES PARQUES, Les Parques; PAC Les Forges, 51530 Pierry (51); Greencenter® Dinard-Pleurtuit, ZAC du Tertre-Esnault, 35730 Pleurtuit; La Galerie des Ailes, Avenue Charles Floquet, Le Blanc-Mesnil (93); Greencenter Claye-Souilly, Zone d’activité des Sablons 77410 Claye-Souilly; Clos du chêne, Pac du Clos du Chêne 77600 Chanteloup en Brie / MONTEVRAIN; Plein Air TORCY, Torcy (77), Face Bay1 - Bay2; PAC de la Prairie - 77, Zone Commerciale E. Leclerc, 77120 Coulommiers; L'Aire des Moissons, Greencenter® Saint Parres Aux Tertres - Troyes, Zone Commerciale de l'Aire des Moissons; Parc Des Terres Saint Jean, PAC des Terres Saint Jean 88000 EPINAL; Greencenter® Vallée-du-Rhône, Salaise sur Sanne (38); Parc de la Fugière, C.C. Hyper U PAC du Lac 07000 Privas; Greencenter® Agen-Boé, ZAC de Lamothe Magnac 47550 Boé; Bayonne - Marinadour, Boulevard du Bab 64100 Bayonne; Greencenter Parla Natura, Madrid, Spain; Elgolf, Castilla de la Mancha – Talavera de la Reina; Viapark Alcantarilla Murcia, Murcia Alcantarilla; and Viapark - Bahia de Almeria, Andalousie Vicar / Almeria, Sortie Roqueta / Vicar de la A7, Espagne.

Therefore, Frey is a SIIC or REIT positioned to profit from prosperity in both France and Spain.

Next: The Gecina Group -- many properties in Paris region.

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