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Altarea Cogedim is a French Real Estate Investment Trust or societes d'investissements immobiliers cotees which invests in retail, office buildings and hotels in France and Italy, with one in Spain.

Altarea Cogedim was founded in 1994, and it decided to switch to SIIC status in 2005.

Alrarea Cogedim Property Portfolio Includes:

14eme Avenue, 2 avenue Louis Armand 95220 Herblay; Les Portes D'Ambresis; Espaces Chanteraines, 112 Avenue du Général de Gaulle 92230 Gennevilliers; Jas du Bouffan, Aix en Provence; Family Village, RD 14 ZAC du Trait D’Union 78400 Aubergenville; Centres Commercial de la Baie, Avranches; Coat Ar Gueven, Brest; Espace Jaures,65 rue Jean Jaurès, Brest; Les Portes de Brest-Guipavas, Brest; Chalon sur Saone, Chalon Sud, Chalons des Chapagne, La Galerie de L'Hotel de Ville; Flins Carrefour; Geispolsheim La Vigie; Gennevilliers Espace Chanteraines; Grand'Tour 1 Bordeaux Sainte Eulalie; Grand'Tour 2 Bordeaux Sainte Eulalie; Grenoble Viallex; Kremlin-Bicetre Okabe; Lille Les Tanneurs et Grand'Place, 80 rue de Paris . 59800 Lille; Limoges Family Village; Massy Centre Commercial Regional; Montgeron Valdoly; Montpellier Montpellier Saint Aunes; Mulhouse Port Jeune; Nantes Saint Herblain Espace Ocean; Noyon Le Parc du Mont Renard; Bercy Village Paris; Les Boutiques Gare de l'Est; Les Boutiques Gare du Nord; Quartier Libre, Pau; L'Espace d'Erlon, Reims; Espace Grand'Rue Roubaix; Le Mans Sud Extension Family Village Les Hunaidieres Ruaudin; Saint Laurent du Var Cap 3000; L'Aubette Strasbourg; Thiais Village Thiais; Thionville La Cour des Capucins; Grand ciel Toulon; Grand Var Sud Toulon; Ollioulles Toulon; Centre Commercial Toulon la Valette; Espace Gramont Toulouse; Espace St George Toulouse; Espace St Christophe Tourcoing; Retail Park Tours; Carre de Soie Vaulx en Velin; Les Quatre Chemins Vichy; Central Commercial Regional Villeneuve la Garenne; Les Portes d'Ambresis Villeparisis; La Corte Lombarda Bellinzago; La Cittadella Casale Monferrato; Ponte Parodi Genes; Le Due Valli Pinerolo; Ibleo Ragusa; La Dolce Villa Rimini; Casetta Mattei Rome; Le Due Torri Stezzano; and Sant Cugat.

Therefore, Altarea Cogedim is a REIT or SIIC well positioned to benefit from economic activity in France and Italy, though mainly France.

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