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Global Logistics Properties (SGX:GLPL:SI) is a Singapore Real Estate Investment Trust dedicated to logistics properties, such as warehouses.

Global Logistics is headed by Jeffrey Schwartz, formerly CEO and chairman of Prologis, a prominent logistics REIT in the US. Schwartz is co-founder of Global, and its chairman.

In 2008 the Government of Singapore Investment Corp bought the logistics properties of Prologis located in China and Japan. Schwartz and Ming Mei, Prologis's CEO of Asia, to head the logistics unit. In March 2009 they changed the company's name, and October 18, 2010 Global Logistic was listed on Singapore's stock exchange in the largest global real estate IPO.

Global Logistics now owns, leases and manages 330 logistics properties in 27 cities of Japan and China.

Global Logistics Properties Includes:


GLP Park Beijing Airport, GLP Park Beijing Capital Airport, GLP Park Tongzhou, GLP Park Beijing Tongzhou OIP, GLP Park Daxing, GLP Park CDHT, GLP Park Chongquing, GLP Park Dayaowan, GLP Park Dalian Port, GLP Park Shunde, GLP Park Sanshan, GLP Park Guangzhou Bonded, GLP Park Baopu, GLP Park Zengcheng, GLP Park Yunpu, GLP Park HEDA, GLP Park Linjiang, GLP Park Jiashan, GLP Park Xiuzhou, GLP Park Jiangning, GLP Park Beilun, GLP Park Quianwan Port, GLP Park Jiaonan, GLP Park Quingao Airport East, GLP Park Quingao Airport West, GLP Park Hongqiao North, GLP Park Hongquiao West, GLP Park Jinqiao, GLP Park Lingang, GLP Park Lingang Bonded, GLP Park Minhang, GLP Park Northwest, GLP Park Songliang, GLP Park Laogang, GLP Park Shenjiang, GLP Park Meilong, GLP Park Pudong Hequing, GLP Park Huali, GLP Park SEDA, GLP Park Hunnan, GLP Park Futian, GLP Park Longgang, GLP Park Yantian, GLP Park Suzhou, GLP Park Wangting, GLP Park Wuzhong, GLP Park Dianshanhu, GLP Park Tianjin AIP, GLP Park TEDA, GLP Park Xiqing, GLP Park WND, GLP Park Zhongshan, and GLP Park Zhuhai.


GLP Park Tokyo, GLP Park Tokyo II, GLP Park Shinkiba, GLP Park Tatsumi, GLP Park Urayasu, GLP Park Urayasu III, GLP Park Funabashi II, GLP Park Tomisato, GLP Park Narita, GLP Park Narita II, GLP Park Yokohama, GLP Park Misato, GLP Park Misato II, GLP Park Koshigaya II, GLP Park Sugito, GLP Park Sugito II, GLP Park Iwatsuki, GLP Park Kazo, GLP Park Osaka, GLP Park Maishima I, GLP Park Maishima II, GLP Park Amagasaki, GLP Park Fukusaki, GLP Komaki, GLP Tokai, GLP Tosu I; GLP Kiyama, GLP Sendai, GLP Tomiya, GLP Koriyama I, GLP Koriyama III; and GLP Hayashima II.

Therefore, Global Logistics Properties is an S-REIT well positioned to profit from economic activity involving China and Japan.

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