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W. P. Carey & Co., LLC is a real estate investment trust (REIT) that is an investment management company. It provides financing (long term sale-leases and "build to suit" loans) to real estate companies around the world.

W. P. Carey Long Term Sale Leases

W. P. Carey is traded on the New York Stock Exchange under the symbol WPC. Also, it manages a portfolio of commercial real estate worth over $10 billion. They're over 35 years old. W. P. Carey Group has holdings with over 300 tenants in 28 industries in 14 countries.

Polk Carey founded W.P. Carey, and in 1979 it launched Corporate Property Associates (CPA) which are additional REITs for owning property. Their wholly owned subsidiary, Carey Asset Management Corp., serves as the advisor to four private REITs -- CPA®:14, CPA®:15, CPA®:16 – Global and CPA®:17 – Global.

They've completed 12 programs since 1979. Usually these REITs acquire properties, then rent them back to the original owners who are now tenants.

Some of Carey's featured transactions include: Lifeport, Best Brands, Berry Plastics, Hellweg die Profi-Baumarkle GumbH Y Co KG, Dick's Sporting Goods, Nordic Cold Storage, OBI Group, Schuler AG, U-Haul Moving Partners, and Universal Technical Institute.

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