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Impac Mortgage Holdings, Inc is a mortgage REIT with over $17 billion in managed assets, and operating as The Impac Companies. They were founded in 1995, and their American Stock Exchange ticker symbol is IMH.

They invest primarily in non-conforming residential loans, with some small loans on commercial and multi-family real estate properties.

Beginning August 2007, their response to the subprime mortgage crisis has been to change their focus from loan origination to providing real estate and asset management solutions to the mortgage industry.

Impac Mortgage Holdings Companies Include:

Impac Regulatory Consulting. They support regulators (FDIC), banks, thrifts and hedge funds. They provide: bridge bank management, forensic review, strategic direction, receivership staffing, planning, execution, and management, technology analysis, contract liability, security risk assessment, asset valuation, asset management, retail lending, escrow, real estate document solutions and secialty servicing.

Asset Management Division. They invest in residential mortgage loans and mortgage backed securities.

Excel Mortgage Servicing.

Retail Lending.

Imperial Pacific Escrow Services.

Impac Real Estate Document Solutions.

Impac Foreclosed Properties.

Impac Mortgage Holdings, Inc therefore is a real estate investment trust that has sensibly reacted to the modern market crisises by diversifying their business offerings.

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