Anworth Mortgage Asset Corporation

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Anworth Mortgage Asset Corporation is a mortgage real estate investment trust investing in adjustable-rate and fixed-rate mortgage backed securities. Corporate headquarters are in Santa Monica California.

Anworth Mortgage Asset Adjustable and Fixed Rate Mortgage Securities

The New York Stock Exchange ticker symbol of Anworth Mortgage Asset is ANH. It was incorporated in Maryland October 20, 1997. They obtained their mortgage backed securities in the secondary market, and buy only those guaranteed by Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac. Recent events have shown that the federal government will not let these guarantees fail.

Anworth Mortgage borrows the money to buy these securities, and make a profit so long as they can pay a lower interest rate than the home owners whose mortgages they own. And so long as those home owners do make their monthly mortgage payments.

Anworth also has issued two types of preferred stocks: Series A Cumulative Preferred Stock ANHPrA and Series B Cumulative Preferred Stock ANHPrB.

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