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Starts Proceed Investment Corporation (8979.T)is a Japanese Real Estate Investment Trust invests mainly in rental housing. Its properties include service apartments, hotels, monthly apartments and elderly homes in the Tokyo metropolitan area, government-decreed cities and other major cities.

Starts Asset Management Co., Ltd is its asset manager.

Starts Proceed Investment Corporation Property Portfolio Includes:

Proceed Nishiarai, Proceed Mita, Proceed Nakakawahara, Proceed Ichikawa, Proceed Oimachi, Proceed Shoto, Proceed Shinozaki 2, Proceed Nishi-kawaguchi, Proceed Shinei; Proceed Toritsu-daigaku; 50 Ichikawa, Chiba Prefecture 1 Proceed; 2 Toyocho Tokyo Proceed; 3 Tokyo Kasai Proceed; 4 Sangenjaya Tokyo Proceed; 5 Proceed Mizue, Tokyo; Miyamoto, Funabashi, Chiba Prefecture, 6 Proceed; 7 Minamikasai Tokyo Proceed; 8 Senge Proceed I block Saitama; 9 Chiba Gytoku Proceed; Chiba Heisei Makuharihongo Proceed; 11 Chiba Proceed; Chiba Heisei Makuharihongo Proceed; 13 Proceed east Kawaguchi, Saitama; 2 Funabori Tokyo Proceed; 15 Takenotsuka Tokyo Proceed; Saitama Gen 2 units Proceed; 11.8 Shoto Tokyo Proceed; 18 Sangubashi Tokyo Proceed; 12.2 Urayasu, Chiba Prefecture Proceed; 20 Shinkoiwa Tokyo Proceed; 21 Chiba Yachiyo Midorigaoka ? Proceed; 22 Chiba Yachiyo Midorigaoka Proceed; 23 Tokyo Metropolitan University Proceed; 2 Tokyo Metropolitan University Proceed; 25 Tokyo Honjo Azumabashi Proceed; 7 Tokyo, Meguro Aobadai Proceed; Miyamae Suginami-ku, Tokyo Proceed; Tokyo Ryogoku Proceed; 12.9 Mita Tokyo Proceed; Tokyo Proceed; 31 Kameido Tokyo Proceed; 32 Proceed Takadanobaba, Tokyo; 33 New Tokyo Koenji Proceed; Tokyo Heisei 34 Proceed; 35 Tokyo lotus Proceed;14.6 Oimachi Tokyo Proceed; Tokyo Heisei Proceed; Baile Kanagawa Proceed; Kanagawa Proceed; Hachiman Chiba Proceed; Nishiarai Proceed (A) Building Altia, (B) Building Ozaria, (C) Meeting House Building, (D) nursery school building in Tokyo; 42 Proceed Chofu, Tokyo; 43 Rokucho Tokyo Proceed TX; Nakagawara Proceed; Most Hall; 12.0 Heisei; 46 Chitose Karasuyama, Tokyo Proceed; 47 Mitaka, Tokyo Proceed; 48 Kashiwa, Chiba EST Proceed; 49 Kashiwa, Chiba Nord Proceed; Chiba Proceed; Hashimotomachi Chiba Proceed; Kawaguchi, Saitama Heisei West Proceed;Kanagawa Proceed;54 Tsurugamine Kanagawa Proceed; 19.4 Sagami Otsuka, Kanagawa Proceed; 2 Tokyo Shinozaki Proceed; Heisei57 Kashiwa, Chiba Trois Proceed; Heisei Hokkaido Hondori Proceed; 5 2 Hokkaido Proceed; 11.7 Hokkaido Kotoni Proceed; 4 Motomachi, Hokkaido Proceed; 5 Proceed Motomachi, Hokkaido 2; 6 Hakozaki, Fukuoka Prefecture Palace Proceed; 7 Hakozaki, Fukuoka Prefecture Palace Proceed; Aichi Proceed; 9 Fukuoka Bridge Proceed; 0.6 Proceed Nakagawa, Fukuoka; 11 Honamicho Proceed; Niigata Proceed; 5.6 Xinrong Aichi Proceed; 14 Chiyoda Aichi Proceed; Takamiya, Fukuoka, Fukuoka Prefecture, Proceed; and Proceed Ohori Park, Fukuoka.

Therefore, Starts Proceed Investment Corporation is a J-REIT which should make a profit so long as there are plenty of Japanese needing a place to live.

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