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The Sunlight REIT is a Hong Kong Real Estate Investment Trust which owns 20 office and retail properties in Hong Kong. The office buildings are Grade A and B.

The manager of Sunlight is Henderson Sunlight Asset Management Limited, an indirect wholly-owned subsidiary of Henderson Land Development Company Limited. HSBC Institutional Trust Services (Asia) Limited is the Trustee of Sunlight REIT. The sponsors of Sunlight REIT are Shau Kee Financial Enterprises Limited and Henderson Land Development Company Limited.

Distributions are made twice a year, four months after the end of each six-month period (January through June and July through December), so they should be done in April and October.

Sunlight REIT Property Portfolio Includes:

248 Queen's Road East, Wanchai; Bonham Trade Centre, Sheung Wan; Righteous Centre, Mongkok; Winsome House Property, Central; 135 Bonham Strand Trade Centre Property, Sheung Wan; 35 Wing Lok Street Trade Centre, Sheung Wan; Java Road 108 Commercial Centre, North Point; Yue Fai Commercial Centre Property, Aberdeen; Everglory Centre, Tsimshatsui; On Loong Commercial Building Property, Wanchai; Sun Fai Commercial Centre Property, Mongkok; Wai Ching Commercial Building Property, Jordan; Sheung Shui Centre Shopping Arcade, Sheung Shui; Metro City Phase 1 Property, Tseung Kwan; Kwong Wah Plaza Property, Yuen Long; Royal Terrace Property, North Point; Glory Rise Property, North Point; Beverley Commercial Centre Property, Tsimshatsui; Supernova Stand Property, Fortress Hill; and Palatial Stand Property, Hung Hom.

Therefore, Sunlight REIT is a Hong Kong REIT well-positioned to benefit from economic activity in that city.

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