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Thomas Properties Group, Inc is a real estate investment trust that owns, acquires, develops and manages such commercial properties as office buildings, retail outlets and multi-family apartment buildings throughout the United States. It trades on the NASDAQ Stock Exchange with symbol TPGI.

Thomas Properties Group was founded in 1996, and had its Initial Public Offering (IPO) in October 2004.

Thomas Properties has four areas of real estate focus:

Its own diverse portfolio of commercial properties that it owns or manages, including rental operations, property management, asset management and leasing.

Property acquisitions: for itself and third parties. It targets three kinds: core (stablized), core plus (underperforming and value-add (requiring redevelopment, repositioning and investment).

Property development and redevelopment.

Investment management. They advise institutional investors on real estate property portfolios.

They have properties in these cities: Austin Texas, El Segundo California, Houston Texas, Los Angeles California, Newport Beach Virginia, Philadelphia Pennsylvania, Northern Virginia, and Sacramento California.

Thomas Properties Group Portfolio:

1835 Market, 2101 Market Street, 2121 Market Street, Centerpointe I and II, Commerce Square, Fair Oaks Plaza, Four Falls Corporate Center, Oak Hill Plaza, Rflections I and II, Walnut Hill Plaza, 300 West Sixth Street, 800 South Hope, CityWestPlace, 2500 CityWest, Brookhollow Central I-III, California EPA HQ, Campus El Segundo, City National Plaza, Four Points Centre, Frost Bank Tower, Great Hills Plaza, One American Center, One Congress Plaza, Pacific Financial, Park 22, Research Park I & II, San Felipe Plaza, San Jacinto Center, Stonebridge Plaza II, and Westech 360.

Thomas Properties Group, Inc is a REIT with good geographical and type of property diversification.

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